Please, please add just one config option to disable explosions related to power again.

  • My friends and I have now spent nearly 24 months playing with IC2 on Mc version 1.7.10, and it has become an essential part of our experience. We decided to update to 1.11.2 and start over. We worked all the way up from coal to geothermal to nuclear power. When we finally finished the nuclear reactor and attached it, the most bizarre and frustrating thing happened - all our machines on the same power network exploded.

    We learned how to play without transformers and had no concept of them. How we made it that far without any explosions is beyond me but that's what happened.

    I am here to request that a config option is added to disable explosions from overpowered machines. We all love complexity but this is too much realistic complexity for us. Combine ic2 with build craft alone and you get serious Minecraft complexity that is mind blowing fun. Transforms are really hurting our experience.

    Please, please make config file option to disable explosions like the Internet said there use to be.