[1.12.2] 32x32 IC2 Textures Rework

  • Welcome.
    I've been working on remaking some of the IC2 textures as well as updating the ones that yet remain 16x16 to 32x32.

    I'll be posting my daily progress in this thread so you guys can check it out.

    If you have suggestions or things you'll like to see tweaked let me know and i'll check it out. I accept any form of criticism, after all i'm trying to make something that all of us can enjoy and feedback only helps to reach that goal.

    Download (07/05/18).

    Attachments disappeared on some of the posts i made, so i had to reupload them. If this happens again, i'll try to fix it. But just in case i leave you the link to the Imgur album containing pictures of the texture pack as a backup.


  • 06/25/18

  • 06/27/18

  • 06/28/18

    Part 3.

    I've updated the Nano Suit textures to match the new QuantumSuit ones, i also changed the jetpacks to be a bit more clean looking and i've been redoing wires.
    I'll post pictures once i have some free time to take them.

  • 07/01/18

    Part 1.

  • 07/09/18

  • It is indeed inexperience, if you take a closer look at other textures of the pack you'll be able to spot more mistakes like the one you pointed out.

    I'm afraid lot of things need to be started from scratch considering they look kind of poor (like shit), but i'm commited to get this done sooner or later.

    Thanks for pointing it out btw.

  • I tried to follow the art style of the 32x32 version where textures have a clear look, not so noisy as the 16x16 ones, so once completed the pack would make ic2 have a consistent style (regarding textures), as well as getting some coherency with recipes (for instance, batteries and cells now look made out of tin, instead of iron) . Problem is i ended (sorta, because somethings remain 16x16) up with something i'm not satisfied with.

    Obviously priority number one is make it look good, so i'm positive that i'm gonna start from scratch, slowly.

    It's quite unclear which path i'm going to follow, but i won't restrain myself trying to follow an already defined style; instead i'll try to be more creative and see what comes out of it.

  • Alright.

    First and foremost, i'm not an educated artist (i don't really consider myself "artist" at all). I did my best to put my thoughts in order, but it's still more of an opinion than facts.