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    Hello, to be honest i had no idea you made some of the textures, i thought you just ported older ones and did not create anything, hence i only included the IC2 team in the credits.

    I'm going to correct you however, because i didn't change the background, i updated every single block and item the mod had from one file including all the sides of a machine to each side being a different file, so i took many hours to get it done, and also changed little details.
    I'll add your name to the description of the texture pack if you want, or i can remove it if you want to. Anyhow, i'm sorry for the trouble, i reiterate that i wasn't aware you created some of the textures.

    EDIT: I wanna clarify a bit here, when IC2Exp first came out it included new features but still had 16x16 textures, i thought you only took the job of grabbing old textures and making them compatible with the new ic2. That's why it didn't make sense to include you in the credits, considering my job overwrote yours completely, or at least i thought so until now.

    It was actually the basic machine casing, aka the base for all the basic machines.

    Though i've been playing around with a concept involving a hybrid of the old textures modified and combined with some of the designs of the new high-res ic2, as well as some of the design choices that i took with this texture pack which i'm quite pleased with. I also have one that was the current 32x32 design ported to 16x16.

    At this point i'm not entirely sure if i'm going to keep working on this 32x32 texture pack considering it doesn't really fit vanilla unless i'd choose to leave some textures 16x16 (basically all that is resources; ores, ingots, plates, casings, etc). I deeply dislike the idea of having two different resolutions in the same mod, which has been quite the reason i'm not motivated to continue working in this, and 32x32 textures in general. But who knows, maybe i come up with something in my head that i wanna implement here and i end up doing so.

    For now i'm gonna keep working on this hybrid and see what i end up with.

    The acid method is definitely going to be implemented on the uranium related stuff, i might require your help for that if you're interested.

    That was really informative, thanks!

    I've been trying to figure out how to apply a certain realism so when people see a machine they can tell what it does immediately, but that could imply changing the art style completely and i'm not sure if i can manage to come up with something that is IC2 worthy to be honest.

    Last couple of days i've been trying different concepts and designs, though i couldn't come up with anything that felt right for the mod.

    I'll keep trying and if i can manage to get something cool i'll post it here.

    I tried to follow the art style of the 32x32 version where textures have a clear look, not so noisy as the 16x16 ones, so once completed the pack would make ic2 have a consistent style (regarding textures), as well as getting some coherency with recipes (for instance, batteries and cells now look made out of tin, instead of iron) . Problem is i ended (sorta, because somethings remain 16x16) up with something i'm not satisfied with.

    Obviously priority number one is make it look good, so i'm positive that i'm gonna start from scratch, slowly.

    It's quite unclear which path i'm going to follow, but i won't restrain myself trying to follow an already defined style; instead i'll try to be more creative and see what comes out of it.

    It is indeed inexperience, if you take a closer look at other textures of the pack you'll be able to spot more mistakes like the one you pointed out.

    I'm afraid lot of things need to be started from scratch considering they look kind of poor (like shit), but i'm commited to get this done sooner or later.

    Thanks for pointing it out btw.