Help me to understand voltage transformers

  • Hello

    here is the deal : I've heard that transformer output Energy to all of their 5 outputs

    So here is the deal : is picture 2 technically more efficient or different than picture 1 ? (there are 5 furnaces in both pictures)

    I also have misc. questions such as :

    - what's the practical difference between lowering the voltage type with transformers like on the picture, and not lowering it but placing power tier upgrades in the furnaces

    - Since the MFE outputs 512 EU/t but in the end with all the transformations in the picture, the LV outputs 32 EU/t, does that mean we still have technically 512 EU/t but split into 16 packs of them ? so we still have the 512 EU/t speed

    - Is Power Tier a different property of Energy than speed, or is it just how many EU/t it transmits ? Like if I link a CESU to 4 electrical furnaces, I know that CESU is Tier-2 which is 128 EU/t, but since there are 4 furnaces, the output of the CESU will be divided by 4 so it will be 32 EU/t for each furnace, which corresponds to a Tier-1 output ?

    thanks ladies and gentlemen

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  • If not counting cable energy loss, there isn't any difference.

    - Each tier upgrade requires one MV transformer, so you'll end up using more resources.

    - Yes, thats correct.

    - No. Storages will output energy in full sized packets, they does not split them.