High output fluid reactors

  • I just realized I was using a totally outdated version of the planner. Here's the code for the latest version (v2.4.2):


    Also, I wrote a short Lua script to go through all the possible on/off cycles and pick out the best ones for this design and it found the cycle of 19 seconds on and 17 seconds off to be best. Testing it in the planner gives an output of 1790.23 heat.

  • Ok, so the last post I made (over a year ago at this point, which really goes to show how dead IC2 is since no one has replied since then) was rather low quality and didn't even include an image of the reactor. Also I've come up with two more designs since then that deserve a post here. For aesthetic reasons I'll be using the EU reactor planner instead of MauveCloud's planner for the images, but remember that these are all intended for use in a fluid reactor and the reactor codes are for MauveCloud's planner, although the last one is actually intended for both reactor types. Anyway, onto the reactors.

    Design 1, max power output:

    19 seconds on, 17 off

    1790.23 HU/t

    35.8 mB/t

    8.91 superheated steam generators worth of heat

    1342.67 EU/t with superheated steam

    5 quad uranium cells

    4 reflectors

    45 overclocked heat vents

    25.44 efficiency (2544 EU per uranium per second the reactor is on)

    code: erp=IO3DJJu16N47AYzFwO6s/w7SnKn4CNY4rks076a2YPthdAxjUyrOBa2nTVydQjLkg8m7TeNBqeurF5dEluUD


    Design 2, maximum convenient power output:

    9 seconds on, 9 off (the number 9 is important here, 8:8, 10:10, and similar will not work)

    1600 HU/t exactly

    32 mB/t exactly

    8 superheated steam generators worth of heat exactly

    1200 EU/t with superheated steam exactly

    5 quad uranium cells

    3 reflectors

    40 overclocked heat vents (the positions off these don't matter at all, just don't let them touch the uranium)

    24 efficiency exactly (exactly 2400 EU per uranium per second the reactor is on)

    code: erp=AIO3DJJu16N47AK+eRsVv4BO6mb6fIf0ASFlJppftdtHk8o6fK0FmmlXr3Ia/HOGgdd7HBRR1S0L1jdmF2UD


    Design 3, maximum power steady state:

    On full time, no cooldown needed ever unless insufficient coolant is supplied/removed

    460 EU/t in EU mode

    720 heat in EU mode

    2.88 efficiency in EU mode (288 EU per uranium per second the reactor is on)

    1440 HU/t

    28.8 mB/t

    7.2 superheated heat generators worth of heat

    1080 EU/t with superheated steam

    6 quad uranium cells

    4 dual uranium cells

    2 reflectors

    4 component heat exchangers

    6 component heat vents

    32 overclocked heat vents

    6.75 efficiency (675 per uranium per second the reactor is on)

    code: erp=bpO6Loyl+lHTR64G4sDhev1oSkJFzMHxoMqJTmGrZDKpBnUpsxlcyhLmn8+Oty1evTBQWAM=


    Design 3 can be modified slightly by replacing one of the two dual uranium cells in the corners with a single uranium cell. The changed fluid reactor stats are as follows:

    1400 HU/t exactly

    28 mB/t exactly

    7 superheated steam generators worth of heat exactly

    1050 EU/t with superheated steam exactly

    6.77 efficiency (677 EU per uranium per second the reactor is on)

    code: erp=bpO6Loyl+lHTR64G4sDhev1oSkJFzMHxoMqJTmGrZDKpBnUpsxlcyhLmn8+MoQLeb8DMWAM=

    Edited 3 times, last by JasonS05: some attachments got double added due to a bug and ended up at the bottom. This edit should clean that up. Also added a sentence I forgot to include earlier. Also fixed a some factual error where I accidentally put 2875 instead of 288, 6750 instead of 675, and 6774 instead of 677. ().