How to remove excess materials from compressor

  • As topic,

    as in compressor recipres, a lot of them requires multiple (usually 9) to output a product

    in my case, I am feeding an assortment of tiny piles of dusts into the compressor, however the compressors get jammed by remaining dusts of one type and other dusts couldnt get into the compressor (e.g. say i have 11 small iron dust and 13 small gold dust, 11 iron dust goes in, 9 is processed and then the remaining 2 sits in the compressor waiting for more input, and the gold dusts couldnt be processed)

    is there a way to extract excess materials after all possible compressions are performed? (I would even go for something that would periodically remove items from the input slot regardless of if anything is left for processing)


  • First questions:

    1. What version of IC2 are you using?

    2. Are you using any other mods?

    1. 2.2.827 on MC1.7.10

    2. Most of the tekkit mods, e.g. BC, thermal, blue power, etc.

    is there anyway vanilla to IC2 though (would like to see how this could be done with other mods too)

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    I can't figure this on my own; I can't tell how to remove items from the compressor input. IF you know how to remove items from the compressor input, it's easy.

    A comparator tells you when the compressor is on. Have the (Pull from input) off while the comparator is outputting a signal, and on once it stops. Then the (Pull from input) will turn on and pull the extras out.

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    Alternative: Use the sorting machine to send the right number, don't send extra.

    1. start with a compressor (or other machine with input).

    2. Place an Electronic Sorting Machine on an input side.

    3. Place the correct number of items in the list for the compressor. For example, if the Compressor is (D)own and you want to compress lead dust, place 9 lead dust into one of the D slots.

    4. Give a "Default" route to the Electronic Sorting machine. For example, place a chest to the (E)ast, and label East "Default" with nothing in the E slots.

    4a. Alternately, let the Sorter hold the extra. It cannot hold more than 11 stacks.

    5. send lead dust to the Sorter. you will find it goes through in groups of 9, always leaving the Compressor ready to compress again.