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    I recall quantum armor does not protect you from radiation. If you are carrying any nuclear fuel in your inventory, you might be taking off the hazmat suit and causing radiation.

    Isn't this what Facades are for? you make a "cover" of a block, then you place the wire, then you place the cover to hide the wire.

    If you really need it inside a block, I believe construction foam can cover a wire as well. I don't recall if you can place a cover over construction foam / reinforced stone, but that would be a neat future capability.

    I consider this forum "active". It's just a slow activity, like responses in days, not hours.

    There are few developers, so you won't see 1-2 day turn around on ideas / suggestions. Therefore there is not a vibrant community suggestion forum, but you can say something and you will get responses.

    Because the mood doesn't change daily or weekly, there are not a constant stream of bugs. Therefore there are not a vibrant but community, but you can say something and you will get responses.

    There are something like 10-20 "regulars", including developers, and I've never seen the forums completely dead.

    I looked up the /fill command. If you type ic2: and then hit <Tab>, it will give you some options. It looks like it wants the name of the block, like IC2:glass.

    Not sure which block you are looking to place. I was able to place ic2:glass, ic2:air, and ic2:distilled_water just fine.

    First, I deleted your repeat posts. I think one was enough :)

    you need to change your setup to give Java more memory when running Minecraft.

    1. in the launcher, select the "Installations" tab, at top.

    2. hover your pointer over your IC2 installation. you should see a "..." on the right. Click it, then click "Edit".

    3. in the pop-up, press "more options" in lower left.

    4. There should be "JVM Arguments" in the lower right, above "Cancel" and "Save". Examine the whole line inside for "-Xmx1G"

    5. If "-Xmx1G" is the list, change the number in it to something larger. I use "-Xmx2G" for 2 GB, and that's usually enough.

    6. Press Save and try it out.

    I've added a screenshot below to help.

    Short version: there is a charge input on all sizes of battery box / mfe / mfsu, in the GUI.

    Depending on whether it's the red or the blue crystals, see if you can place it into a box in a charged mfe or mfsu battery block GUI.

    MauveCloud , could you have the planner "translate" old codes? For example, either have a button to swap to old code / new code, or perhaps move to new code every time someone presses "simulate"? Changing any item in the grid updates the code to modern. Good enough for me, I stopped using the mobile app anyways :)

    If we are moving to a new way of coding, it would be nice to have a way to translate the old codes without building from scratch.

    If we still have something using the old code, it would be nice to translate the new to the old.

    I know there are better quad reactors out there. This is just one example.

    I have seen Minecraft not update fast enough, such that there is no water block directly below when the pump pulls. The pump is designed to pull from farther away if the closest block is air. I think this is what is happening.

    I have even had a pump kill a 2x2 when the conditions were just right... Maybe once in 60 Minecraft days or more.

    What about using a miner + pump to pull from much farther below your need? I can't think of a good way to ensure the pump does not pull your 1x3 Apart.

    I think you could only use the MASS fabricator by cheating / debugging.

    HOWEVER, if you are willing to have 64 scrap unused, you could have an external storage with Redstone output, such as the hopper. The MATTER fabricator would always have 64 scrap, but once the hopper ran out, it (or a comparator) would stop sending a signal. You could use that signal to stop the matter fabricator.

    I have not done this, so please use my wordsonly as an idea on what to actually design :)

    You lose less if you use higher voltages, why not transform the power up over longer distances?

    For example, let's say you are running LV, 32 eu packets, over copper. It loses .2 per distance, so you only get 28 eu over 20 blocks.

    If you used the LV-MV transformer to step up the power at the source and step it back down at the end (s), you could still use copper cable. You would lose the same roughly 4 eu, but it would be out of 128 eu packets, 124 eu gets to the end, 1/4 the loss, 31 eu packets come out.

    This is why gold and HV cable have higher losses; you could bump this even higher and see less loss. 2048 eu packets over .8 cable still loses less than LV over copper, it comes out to 31.75 per LV packet.

    If you've wired your whole base in long strings of tin, I've got no easy fixes.

    If you truly want no losses, you could use only transformers or bat boxes. I believe devices gave no power loss.

    Alternative: Use the sorting machine to send the right number, don't send extra.

    1. start with a compressor (or other machine with input).

    2. Place an Electronic Sorting Machine on an input side.

    3. Place the correct number of items in the list for the compressor. For example, if the Compressor is (D)own and you want to compress lead dust, place 9 lead dust into one of the D slots.

    4. Give a "Default" route to the Electronic Sorting machine. For example, place a chest to the (E)ast, and label East "Default" with nothing in the E slots.

    4a. Alternately, let the Sorter hold the extra. It cannot hold more than 11 stacks.

    5. send lead dust to the Sorter. you will find it goes through in groups of 9, always leaving the Compressor ready to compress again.

    I can't figure this on my own; I can't tell how to remove items from the compressor input. IF you know how to remove items from the compressor input, it's easy.

    A comparator tells you when the compressor is on. Have the (Pull from input) off while the comparator is outputting a signal, and on once it stops. Then the (Pull from input) will turn on and pull the extras out.