Suggestion: Mining Laser Crouch fire

  • Name: Mining Laser Crouch fire

    Heyo Description:

    SO, yall ever wanted to carve a nice long tunnel with teh (Insert technical name for mining laser here, since I cannot find the heyo description anywhere anymore)
    Had trouble with having to Manually use our (Technical Drill name) to make enough room you can crawl through, without making a huge mess, or an incorrectly slopeing or similarly non-epic hallway? Well not anymore!
    By Simple bending down a tiny bit, the mining laser will blast the second half of that tunnel, leaving you free to use your drill for more useful things, like, uhm......

    Normal Description:

    Basically, Crouching would offset the origin of the laser burst by one block, so as to allow you to clear the bottom half of the tunnel without either using low fire mode, or making it so you have to still manually dig/fill in part of the tunnel, since it doesn't line up nicely.