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  • are you still having this problem? and also is ghostryder having the same problem? is it just your account or it could be just on your computer? let me know what you find out also if you know the coords where you were building or where it started crashing?

    Yes i am. yes my dad is too. it is the account because i can't get on on my dads computer and he also can't get on on the one i use. i don't remember the cords but my dad said it in chat the day before yesterday(i think) it was in our house.
    Edit: i am now able to move around for about half a second before it crashes.

  • well ive looked all over and i didnt find any problems... are you still crashing when you connect?

    I am now in a different spot and i can move around for about 10 seconds before it crashes.

  • IGN:xployd
    Why I want to join:i want a good server for me and my friend niismo to play on and i also want to try minefactory

  • IGN: jj991
    Age: 11
    Why I want to join: I would like to join this server, because I've never gone on a server with mods I can use on SSP.

  • Mitch3llh

    I haven't played on an IC server before. I've only played singleplayer.
    I've played on lots of normal survival servers before and never have been banned.

  • SSeems i was slept when write this....is "W3rz4x" not "W3rz3x" xDD Sorry for the mistake sir!!

  • IGN: Megamadgamer
    Age: 18 1/2
    Why I want to join: Looking for a solid, well maintained server to learn on in regards to using IC²/BC.

    Came across this server here on the forums, seems like something I would love to play on to help me learn to use the mods I came across so recently!

  • I know I have not yet actually played on the server, but from what I can tell, this is one of the few servers running BC/IC² effectively, I would suggest going back to that, as MC 1.0 does not offer that much cool stuff.