| FactoryCraft | [ IC2 v1.23] [BuildCraft 2.2.5] [Redpower 2] [Minefactory 1.3.2] [Powerconverters] Whitelisted!

  • Welcome to FactoryCraft!
    This is a new server running on a linux box with CentOS

    Currently running: Minecraft 1.0.0

    Running MC 1.0.0 until mods are updated!!

    1: No Griefing!!
    2: No Stealing!!
    3: No Cheats/mods (eg xray, flymod)
    4: Respect other players

    Server is now Whitelisted!! Please post with your ign, age, and why you would like to be whitelisted and ill get you in asap!

    Why I want to join:

    Get the mods!

    Put these in your .minecraft/mods folder

    Pm me if you are having trouble connecting I'll do my best to help figure it out!!!

  • IGN: MINERGUY67880

    Yo spoilt remember me? Rawr MinecraftCreeper

    :Composite Armor:

  • you've been added!

    also a heads up to you potential griefers the admins of all the ic2 servers are sharing banlists keep that in mind if you decide to grief or break the rules the other server owners will know who you are!

  • Hello! I would love to be whitelisted on FactoryCraft, as my other IC and BC server i've joined seems to be very unstable, and so glitchy and the owner doesn't seem to care about the community.

    My i-g-n: WHyHiThere
    Why I Would like to join: I love Ic and Bc, and I really want to try out Minefactory to! Also at the screenshots you posted theres also some good builders here, and I would like to eventually get one of my buildings up there. :)

    I hope you whitelist me! Thanks!

    Edit: I have installed almost all the mods fine, but the redpower2 pr2 website seems to be down. (eloraam.com). May you post the direct download links? Thanks!

  • whitelist updated!

    and yeah we have some good builders :) but we have since started a new map for the oil that comes with bc 2.2.1
    but so far its been a pretty great server griefing is kept to a minimum and everyone so far seems to be friendly and willing to help each other out!

  • IGN: Traveno

    REASON: I like BC and IC and me and my friends used to play on one of our own servers.
    Its grown a lot (both of them), and i'm looking for a great public server (I also love red power) that I can play on enjoyably. :thumbsup:

  • IGN: Rockflayer

    Why I would like to join: I have been a fan of Industrial craft ever since it started. I also am looking to join a server where i can make a massive buildcraft/IC Factory, as well as play with other people in the process.

    So if its possible, may i be whitelisted? I would love to join your server.


  • IGN: Candymaker

    I would love to join a good ic and bc server and this server looks awesome. I have played ic since it came out and i have loved every seccond but i have always missed playing with other people. so please can i join ;( ;( ;( ;(

  • hey whitelist updated any sorry about last night / this morning guys... i tried to get the server running on bukkit... but its still full of bugs and i would rather have a stable place to play so were back to vanilla mode... with great mods still of course :)

  • yeah sorry i was messing with bukkit that night and i think i added you to the bukkit server whitelist but not the stable non bukkit server ?( anyways its taken care of....
    whitelist updated!