Pumps and Advanced Miners

  • I'm still learning the ropes of the mod so bear with me a bit. I looked on the wiki under the advanced miner page and it said that "Liquids which would block the Miner are not a problem for the Advanced Miner. No Pump is required. If you want the liquids, you will need an extra pump." At first I though this meant that I needed to add a pump to the advanced miner by placing it next to it just like you do with the tier 1 miner. However my pump hasn't been activating when the advanced miner meets water or lava. So my question is am I dumb and have I just set up my pump wrong somehow or does the above mean that I have to set up the pump as a separate entity all together? I did some searching on the forums and google but all I found were references to the tier 1 miner and pump not the advanced miner. Thanks for the help!