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    A patch for these errors is now available
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    Posted the thread AdvancedSolarPanels Patcher.
    I made a patcher to fix Advanced Solar Panels crashing with newer IC2 builds (2.8.191+).
    These crashes could be easily fixed by re-compiling the mod with IC2 2.8.191 or newer. However, because the source is not available, and the developer hasn't…
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    Replied to the thread Suggestions Thread.
    Make brews (Youngster, Beer, Ale, Dragonblood) visible in creative/JEI. This would allow them to be used as quest goals, for example.
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    Here's my pile of suggestions:


    1. Add shift-click support for more machines (e.g. compact item buffer). It is annoying to put upgrades in without the ability to shift-click. (Bug report)

    2. Add a mode on jetpack to allow jumping…
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    Now follows Doctor Weird.
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    (Quote from Doctor Weird)

    Isn't there already a "steam turbine blade" item? That you use three of to get the "steam turbine" (item)? Renaming it to "turbine blades" would re-target the confusion instead of eliminating it. I think Su5eD also mentioned…
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    Since most suggestion threads are as ancient as the beta days of MC, I decided to make this freshly pinned thread for new suggestions.

    I'll start:

    Hotspring Water
    1. Ability to use hotspring water in the steam boiler (with calcification rates between