Condenser outputting steam.

  • Long story short my the condensor connected to the steamboiler setup keeps outputting steam back into the steamboiler which is not what I want. I wanted the distilled water to go into the steam boiler; it does condense the steam, I play the modpack the classic pack on tekkit. I use pipes to do this, thermal pipes, biuldcraft and the medium bronze pipes all transfer steam after theres no more distilled water in the condenser.

  • It connects from 2 heat exchanger --> steam boiler set to 221bar 1mb --> 2 steam turbines with fluid ejection with 2 kinetic in front--> condensor then its looped back to the steam boiler using thermal expansion pipes and servo.

  • I took it apart earlier but it has a tank full of coolant which goes into and out of the heat exchangers, power goes into the condensor and out of the kinetic engines.

  • You have a Thermal Expansion fluid pipe directly connected to the steam boiler, correct?

    Because the steam that "apparantly" comes from the condenser isn't coming from the condenser, but the steam boiler itself. The steam boiler auto-outputs steam into anything that accepts fluids, pipes included.

    Try to pipe the distilled water into a fluid distributor next to the steam boiler (make sure the green output arrows are pointing towards the steam boiler.)