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    Do you have any .ini files in your .minecraft/config/ic2 folder?

    IC2 does not have netherrack dust in version 170, so I don't know if you added that recipe yourself or downgraded your IC2 to a version which didn't have netherrack dust.

    You cannot use OreDict items as the recipe result, only specific items IDs in the format modid:item@metadata. In your case it's appliedenergistics2:material@3

    So go back to your macerator.ini in your .minecraft/config/ic2 folder and put this line in there:


    IC2 Experimental, which also exists for 1.7.10 builds of MC, got rid of CASUC coolants (ice blocks, snow blocks, water buckets etc) to cool down your reactor, so that won't work.

    There are two/three options that may work:

    1. setting the profile to CLASSIC in your IC2.ini

    2. Installing IC2 Classic instead of IC2 (Experimental). Do note that some addons for IC2 do not work with IC2 Classic.

    3. Use RSH/LZH condensators and Reactor Coolant Injectors (RSH/LZH). These two would let you cool down a reactor with redstone dust or lapis lazuli. They can easily be automated with the reactor coolant injectors, but this is very inefficient, so it's advised that you try to automate refilling them with other methods.

    Even more confusing, if I switch the Advanced heat exchanger with a component heat exchanger, the same phenomenon does not happen. In fact, it's kind of the opposite-ish.

    The component heat exchanger has much greater heat exchange rates between components compared to the advanced heat exchanger, at the cost (or benefit actually) of not being able to transfer heat with the hull. The overclocked heat vents already draw heat from the hull anyway, so the advanced heat exchanger is somewhat irrelevant in this case. You just need much greater component heat exchanging rates when you want to even out the heat between overclocked heat vents. I THINK I GET IT.

    I think I got it. ... hot as well.

    Nice that you figured out many of the mechanics of the reactor on your own.
    Indeed, the fuel rods either dump their heat into adjecent components if they can accept it (ie heat vents, exchangers, coolant cells) or dump it straight into the reactor hull.

    Now, when you have a setup where your rods create immense amounts of heat, it could easily destroy a heat vent because it takes all of the generated heat directly before your heat exchangers can balance the heat generation between other components. That is when you could either use coolant cells as a heat buffer or depend on hull cooling through overclocked heat vents.

    Whether this still works in the latest versions I don't know, but some players used these high capacity coolant cells and created a high efficiency and highly powerful reactor setup where coolant cells cooled the main reactor, then swapped nearly depleted coolant cells to specialized 'cooling reactors' where heat vents or component heat vents would cool down the coolant cells and subsequently move those back into the main reactor.

    Get creative with it.

    It has to do with how the reactor calculates what each component does each tick or second, which starts from the items in the top left and moves right and then down to the bottom right slot.

    From how I understand it, in your first setup none of the vents and exchangers have anything to do because there is no heat. And then at the end of each cycle the uranium quad rods add their heat. Now the next cycle that heat should be dealt with, but why I don't know.

    In your second setup the uranium quad rods generate power and heat and then subsequently the heat vents and exchangers deal with the heat.

    This is also why most designs found here have the uranium in the top left corner in the reactor.

    It just works that way.

    That folder doesn't get generated by default. You'll have to make a folder called ic2 in your config folder, then open your industrialcraft2 jar with 7zip (winrar also works, but 7zip is advised), go to assets/ic2/config and then extract your macerator.ini into your config/ic2 folder. Then you can edit it there with a text editor (I advise notepad++).

    From the looks of it your first steam turbine isn't outputting any of its distilled water, which you should, because it will otherwise reduce the efficiency of your turbine.

    And the IC2 steam boiler/turbines have some wonky interactions with fluid pipes from other mods. Try to place a tank directly against the boiler and pipe your (superheated) steam out from that instead.

    Also do the same for the first turbine if you can. Then you can pump your distilled water from your condensor and first turbine (tank) back to your steam boiler. However, as the steam boiler auto-outputs into any pipes, it's suggested to pipe the distilled water into a liquid distributor and then point that to output into your boiler.

    About the steam explosions due to your boiler producing some regular steam, make sure that you give your boiler the 200 HU/t that it needs. However, I am not sure if the boiler should be producing any regular steam at all when set to that pressure.

    I rebuilt your setup in a creative world and my thermal centrifuge processes items without any issues.

    Try to take your setup apart and rebuild it. If you can, first connect your batboxes with your thermal centrifuge and try to let it run. Use a EU meter to measure howmuch energy is being sent to the centrifuge once it's actually running.

    When the buffer is full and the centrifuge's heated up and actually processing items, it should only take 48 EU/t.

    Also, try to apply a redstone signal to your thermal centrifuge or use a redstone signal inverter upgrade, so the centrifuge stays hot. My measurements say it uses about 0.5 - 1 EU to keep it at max temperature.

    Please mention which version of IC2 you are using and also include screenshots of your setup if possible.

    And as shirolol mentioned, we doubt whether you needed to apply external heaters to the thermal centrifuge.

    Don't think you can use the recipe configs to add a block to the game, they're only meant to add recipes. And coal coke blocks haven't been added to ic2 either. So you could look for another mod that adds coal coke blocks (or try with contenttweaker).