Oh boy its been some time

  • Good to see people still enjoying my favorite mod :)

    Do note that your design is going to melt down and explode if left unattended. Those overclocked heat vents are pulling more heat from the reactor hull than they are able to dissipate, hence eventually they will break and leave the reactor with no cooling, at which point it will merrily run away and blow up. Overclocked heat vents need some extra help, most commonly from component heat vents surrounding them.

    Moreover, there is no need for those heat exchangers touching the fuel rods. Overclocked heat vents are pulling heat directly from the reactor, so they can be placed anywhere on the board. Those exchangers are actually doing nothing here - since all vents are piling up heat at an equal rate, and pulling heat from reactor hull as fast as they can anyway, there's nowhere to move the heat from or to.

    Last but not the least since two columns on the sides are blank, that means effectively 2 of your reactor chambers are unused.

    Here's an example of a safe reactor which can be left unattended (not very efficient though. Someone can probably do a better job than me). Use the link with MauveCloud's reactor planner (in pinned thread on this forum), using same fuel setup: