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    Good to see people still enjoying my favorite mod :)

    Do note that your design is going to melt down and explode if left unattended. Those overclocked heat vents are pulling more heat from the reactor hull than they are able to dissipate, hence eventually they will break and leave the reactor with no cooling, at which point it will merrily run away and blow up. Overclocked heat vents need some extra help, most commonly from component heat vents surrounding them.

    Moreover, there is no need for those heat exchangers touching the fuel rods. Overclocked heat vents are pulling heat directly from the reactor, so they can be placed anywhere on the board. Those exchangers are actually doing nothing here - since all vents are piling up heat at an equal rate, and pulling heat from reactor hull as fast as they can anyway, there's nowhere to move the heat from or to.

    Last but not the least since two columns on the sides are blank, that means effectively 2 of your reactor chambers are unused.

    Here's an example of a safe reactor which can be left unattended (not very efficient though. Someone can probably do a better job than me). Use the link with MauveCloud's reactor planner (in pinned thread on this forum), using same fuel setup:


    Electric sorters are awesome, but for most common item-moving tasks I prefer hoppers, since they are cheaper and MUCH less complicated to craft.

    Also how much power does electric sorter actually use?

    Everything scaled down. Get something scanned and you will see.

    So you mean replication uses much less UUM aswell? Makes sense. After the initial shock I considered something like this, but x000.1 ratio seemed just too crazy to be intended.

    Putting a diamond through a scanner right now to see how it scales...


    ...and the diamond costs ~35 mb of UUM. Fair enough. Seems actually better than the previous system. Still, gathering enough UUM to place it in a world in order to enjoy Regeneration 2 effect for standing in it is going to be a pain.

    So, has anyone used this device? How does it work? As far as my google research goes, the internet has ZERO information on it. How much power does it use? Does it only harvest crops adjacent to it, or does it have a larger area of effect? What's the cropnalyzer slot for?

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but there's a certain option in the IC2's config file. Quoted below:

    1. general {
    2. # Eneable the advanced Nuclear Reactor Colling System *high* workin Progress not stable
    3. B:Advreactorcolling=false

    I've tried to google up some information about this, but there's no info about it anywhere on the net, it seems. What the heck, "advanced Nuclear Reactor Cooling System"? What does it do?

    So at this point all blocks can take unlimited power? Transformer upgrades etc are pointless?

    Nope, transformer upgrades are still useful for powering low-tier machines with a high-tier item. For example, if you put some transformer upgrades into a Macerator, you can charge it with Energy Pack, or Lapotron Crystals (normally, if would only accept a Batpack or RE-Batteries). Handy, if you're running field operations. For instance, you can power a Miner this way.

    From what I've discovered so far, Atomic Science does cooperate very well with IC2, so much that even the recipes for AS items and blocks follow IC2 standard - they use IC2 circuits, advanced alloys etc. Apart from ore generation, they do work well (and I was planning to disable AS ore generation anyway).

    I've also added Mekanism to my modpack, but this one doesn't seem to give two cents about Industrialcraft and it's recipes. Some items, like IC2 circuits, are interchangable with Mekanism's variants, but that's about it. I'm not sure about Mekanism's generators vs IC2's generators balance.

    Still, I'm curious how much energy each mod produces from the same resources. Right off the bat, the disadvantage of Atomic Science is that its reactors produce no plutonium, which can be used in IC2's Radioisotope Thermoelectric generators for constant free energy. These would be super useful for powering my spaceship from WarpDrive mod. In worst case, I guess I'm gonna use IC2 nuclear reactors and AS fusion reactors.


    Since a long time, I've wanted to try out Atomic Science mod, being part of Universal Electricity. Things I like about stuff with Universal Electricity is that most of the stuff there resembles real machines, instead of just white square blocks with textures on them.

    Atomic Science is no different. Reactors in this mod are actual nuclear reactors - not a multiblock as much as an entire contraption of different blocks working together. A reactor chamber, control rods and turbines. The fusion reactors are even more elaborate.

    This puts IC2's reactors to a shame. A white block with a "radiation" sign on it. Here, there's some reactor chambers for ya. Sure, setting up a configuration of vents seems more complicated than building a Atomic Science reactor, but besides very ambitious individuals, setting one up in IC2 ends at looking a best design up on the internet, building it, and letting it merrily run on it's own. Usually it consists of a checkerboard of OC Vents and Component Vents. No actual steam and turbines is involved, unless you select a certain option in the config... which is pointless, since it turns those reactors into a late game item, since RC Turbines are expensive and hard to get.

    The question:

    As much as I want to try these things out, I've stumbled upon a problem. Since I remember, I was always a devoted fan of Industrialcraft. I've only tried a pack of Universal Electricity mods once (AS, Mekanism, ICBM etc.), and got quickly dissapointed and annoyed by them, since i got used to IC2's features too much. I really don't like the way recipes and resources are treated in UE mods.

    So I thought, why not install BOTH? I gladly would, but I'm not sure about interaction between two mods. Can IC2 uranium ore be used the same way as UE uranium ore (ore dictionary detects them as the same?)? What is the efficiency of uranium inside each of those reactors and how does it compare? Is one of those reactors OP compared to how the other mod treats the energy? Generally speaking - would it be balanced?

    I would really mix and match UE and IC2 modpacks if I wasn't so worried about the balance. Both options contain some very cool features.

    Did you insert the Crystal Memory into the lower slot of the Scanner GUI before scanning Iridium? It won't output the pattern directly into the Pattern Storage - you need to actually store the pattern on Crystal Memory disk, and then insert it into the Pattern Storage, then select the proper item at the Replicator.

    If you already did so... then it's just a bug. It happened to me once, that after having patterns for Diamond and Iridium in the Pattern Storage, for some unexplained reason I could only select the Iridium at the Replicator, even though I had the Diamond in the Pattern Storage. Restarting the world helped.

    1. Try scanner and Replicator or...
    2. Make an Addon for that ! ;)

    The scanner doesn't work with nuclear fuels. It will scan them, but will give you an error. But even if it did work, I'm pretty sure the energy cost of producing enough UU matter to replicate a single piece of uranium/plutonium would make the whole operation counterproductive compared to how much energy it would produce.

    Well, the Canning Machine has faced a major overhaul, as far as I can see. It now has 4 modes and it's usefulness is now much, MUCH higher since it can empty liquid cells now, and the liquid can be later pumped out with buildcraft pipes :D

    Apart from standard canning mode, and mode for filling the cells with the contents of its internal tank, there's the fourth mode "fluid enrich (cell or tank)". Here's the question, what the heck does that do? Of course, NEI shows no information about any recipes for this device, so it's a bit of a problem. The icon for this mode apparently shows 2 possible "recipes", but the hints it gives are nowhere near obvious. This icon has a Cell with some blue liquid, 2 items which I assume are CF powder and redstone, and there's also a Cell with red liquid, but none of those items work - redstone is not even accepted into any work slots.

    Another question is about nuclear fuels, as I've stumbled into a curious problem. First off, in order to craft uranium fuel which you can then pack into fuel rods with Canning Machine, you need 6 pieces of Uranium-238 and 3 small pieces of Uranium-235.

    Every Purified Uranium Ore Dust can be centrifuged into 5 U-238 and 2 U-235. You need BOTH of these to make regular Uranium Fuel Rods - each of them is useless on their own. The problem is that you will get much more U-238 than you get U-235 and while using Nuclear Reactor, you will build a large stockpile of it soon.

    Of course, when you get access to plutonium, you can start mixing it with your U-235 to create MOX fuel rods, which I just assume are more powerful than normal uranium fuel rods. Plutonium can be aquired by centrifuging depleted fuel rods, however normal depleted uranium fuel only yields 1 small plutonium per rod. In order to obtain enough of it to make first MOX fuel rod, (while assuming you are NOT using any of your plutonium for RTG pellets for Radioisotope generator) you need to centrifuge 27 depleted uranium rods, which will require centrifuging 41 purified uranium ore dust (and the whole operation will leave you with a useless stockpile of 43 u-238). I don't know if something has changed with the world generator, but if it did not, then finding those 41 uranium ores will be a heck of a challenge.

    I can guess what the answer's gonna be, but still gotta ask - is there any way of converting U-238 into U-235 or otherwise getting rid of imbalance between those materials?

    Those are the same as the old UU, and they make 1 bucket of uu instantly (i think?) when put into the mass fab, so you can convert your old uu into the new stuff.

    Totally wrong. Universal Usable Amplifier has NOTHING to do with old UU matter, at least in latest version. It does the same thing as Scrap, except it's much more powerful. While Scrap adds 5000 Amplifier points at the massfab, Universal Usable Amplifier adds something like 1 500 000.

    As for how to get it, I have no idea.

    That's interesting. I'm curious how are transformers handling the voltage now. In the previous system, the same amount of EU/t was cut up into 4 smaller, equal packets. How is it working now? Since there are no packets anymore, it has to step down the EU/t, but how is it doing it without wasting power?

    Also I'm not too positive about having to manually design a power grid which provides a safe 32 EU/t for the machines from a power source of 2048 EU/t or more. This whole thing just messes things up.

    By the way, is that the same Greg who's responsible for gregtech? ;(

    As I was building my latest 1.6.2 private modpack, I've stumbled upon a dilemma.

    Some of the servers I know of are recently switching to experimental branch of industrialcraft in their modpacks. Moreover, latest version of railcraft outright demands installing IC2exp instead of IC2. This makes me wonder which one should I choose, and which one is the "main" version and which one is going to get more attention from mod developers, assuming the regular IC2 is going to be updated in the future at all.

    Adding to my confusion is the fact, that there is virtually no place which contains the knowledge about this experimental version, or at least I couldn't one in my research. No wiki, no forum posts from the devs, no nothing. There are some occasional videos on youtube, but all they do is display personal subjective conclusions of whoever made that video, rather than compilation of facts.

    One reason why I would choose IC2ex is that it apparently adds a lot of content. Why I would NOT choose it is because apparently lots of features are still defunct, and it's buggy. Among other things, cables don't burn, nor they electrocute, and that's one bug which impacts gameplay severely.

    Another thing to mention is that Energy-net remake. From what I've heard, the system doesn't use packets anymore - it only uses one variable, which is EU. In other words, if you supply more than 32 EU to a batbox, it's gonna blow up. Excuse me...? So there is now a LIMIT on how much power you can produce? Now you gotta be careful how many generators you're building, or if you want to make a second nuclear reactor you need to build a second MFSU, because one may not be able to accept that much power? I don't like this.

    What do you think about this? Is there anything that would help me with my choice, or some information base about the experimental branch?