How to change a crafts in a Industrial Craft machines?

  • I want to change a craft of diamond dust, to get 4 diamond dust from 1 diamond. So I don't know how to do that. In config file nothing, I tried to decompile, but there was bacchanalia. I don't know if CraftTweaker or another craft changers mods will can to change craft in IC2 macerator.

  • Alright. Follow these steps:

    1. Make a new folder called ic2 and place it in your .minecraft/config folder (.minecraft/config/ic2)
    2. Use 7zip or Winrar and open up your industrialcraft-2-2.8.170-ex112.jar.
    3. Go to assets/ic2/config and extract macerator.ini into your .minecraft/config/ic2.
    4. Open up your macerator.ini with WordPad or Notepad++ and look for the line that says OreDict:gemDiamond = ic2:dust#diamond
    5. Add *4 to the end of it, so you have OreDict:gemDiamond = ic2:dust#diamond*4
    6. Save it and load your game. Diamonds should now be macerated into 4 diamond dusts.