Debug /give command for seeds

  • Hi,
    Does anybody know the command to spawn any IC2 seeds WITH their stats like 31 growth 31 resistance 31 gain? I can only spawn unknown seeds that you can't even plant.

    /give @p ic2: and whats next??(

  • also why is it so when you go past the 24 stat on crops and try to breed them, you litteraly have to click on weed every second over and over, it's wasting so much time to max the stats on crops. shouldn't the resistance stat make it easier

  • Look at step 9 of this guide.

    If you have a mod that lets you show NBT data while hovering over an item (like JEI Integration), you can hover over the seed bags in JEI and see the names for the plants and their owners. You can use this to fill in the nbt tags.

  • thanks a lot, 23/31/0 seems to be the most safe way to breed crops, but if you want to harvest gains the fastest way, 31/31/0 is the best variant ( breeding 24+ is a nightmare though) difference in growing speed between 23 and 31 on average 20-30 points per growing tick. lowest I saw for 23 was 38 points, lowest for 31 is 80-82 (44 point difference)