How to install/setup IC2 for a client and server?

  • Hello,

    I haven't played Minecraft in a long time, so the last time I installed mods it involved patching the .jar files and such.

    I attempted to install Industrialcraft, but I have run into an issue. I installed Minecraft Java Edition, and I installed Forge (the latest versions of each). I then placed the IC2 .jar file in the mods subfolder inside .minecraft folder.

    However, on startup, the game tells me that the IC version is for an older version of Forge and cannot be used. How do I use an older version of Forge? Which version do I use?

    Additionally, if I wanted to set up a server to play with my friends, how would I get that running with IndustrialCraft?

    Thank you very much for any support you can provide.