disabling the EU reactor

  • Good day everybody;

    ill try to keep this long story as short as i can: i tasted blood with the cock & ball torture "large interwoven machine chains" style of omnifactory, but i dislike almost everything else about modern gregtech, like the tiering system and heavy inbalance between required items and output and the useless byproducts.
    now, i decided to return back to ic2 after over 6 years (didnt like it much in TW2, the change from legacy to exp was too huge for me) as i am using it in a custom private mod ensemble me and 2 friends are working and playing on. i have already compiled us our "customized" versions of TE5 and EIO which really was just increasing energy costs for every process and decreasing energy output of every fuel to bring it close in line to ic2 values and removing some recipes and replacing them with many craftweaked ones.
    now the problem were facing is that i have no clue on how to disable the EU reactor mode, obvious solutions such as removing the reactor recipes dont work as the EU reactor is still required in the core of the fluid reactor, and as ic2 is closed source i am out of ideas on how to make fissile power only possible via the PVR.
    if anyone can chuck any options my way i would be very thankful.

  • With the current configs you cannot really disable the EU reactor, as setting its energy production to 0 will also disable the fluid reactor.

    However, you can make the EU reactor incredibly inefficient while buffing the fluid reactor to compensate for this.

    Look in your IC2.ini

    You see that I've set nuclear to 0.01 (so both the EU and fluid reactor are only running at 1% efficiency). To compensate for the fluid reactor, look for this:

    1. ; Base Coolant conversion rate for FluidReactors.
    2. [balance / energy / FluidReactor]
    3. outputModifier = 100.0

    Change this from 1 to 100.0 and the fluid reactor should work at regular efficiency again while the EU reactor is only 1% as effective.