"Block of coal coke"-recipe 1.12.2

  • Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to add a "block of coal coke"-recipe to the latest version of IC2 on 1.12.2. This is not a suggestion to the IC2-team per se... If it is possible for me to add the recipe through the config I'll gladly give that a go.

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    You could do this by doing this:
    1. Create a folder in your .minecraft/config folder and call it ic2

    2. Open your ic2 jar and go to assets/ic2/config and either extract shapeless_recipes.ini or shaped_recipes.ini into your .minecraft/config/ic2 folder.

    Open whichever file you extracted with notepad++ (wordpad might work, don't know about notepad) and look at the instructions. Each recipe just needs to be put on a new line (name of the recipe is not necessary, it's allowed to make finding recipes easier). Then save your edits and launch your game to check if it worked.

    First try to add it on your own. If it failed, post your recipe here and I'll have a look at it.

  • Okay, first attempt didn't work. The lines look like this:

    ;Block of Coal Coke

    ic2:coke ic2:crafting#coke*9 = ic2:Block of Coal Coke

    I'm confused as to why I would be able to add an unexisting item to ic2. I mean the block of coal coke does not exist in ic2, so how could I mention it in a recipe and what about the texture for the block?