[1.2.5] v1.95 crash along v3.1.5 BC when attempting to use architect's table over a nuclear reactor setup

  • Hello. I'm experiencing a crash when using IC2 for 1.2.5 along BC, the crash occured when I tried to scan the area which contains a nuclear reactor with an architect's table.

    Crash message:

    I'm using the following mod versions:

    1. Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.2.5
    2. MinecraftForge v3.3.8.152
    3. BuildCraft 3.1.5
    4. IndustrialCraft2 v1.95 - per mod_IC2::getVersion()

    Is there a chance this could get patched? What is the internal cause of this crash?

  • You should update IC2 to 1.97 and BC3 to to avoid further problems. Also, update to the latest forge version ( in 1.2.5, as it fixed some bugs with other mods. is a solid choice as well. You can find Buildcraft here:

    MCPC+ 1.2.5 Ports list

    Scroll down to BuildCraft3 and click the Google Sites link in the 3.1.6 #25 r3 section. IC2 1.97 can be downloaded from here.

    Alternatively, you could download the DNS Techpack for 1.2.5, which is available in the AT Launcher and that still has a working download link here. Tekkit 3.1.2 also works fine, but you'd have to content yourself with the much worse BC2.