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    Does anyone still have the last server version ( for MC1.2.5 by Thunderdark please?

    I can't find it anywhere... ;(

    Nevermind, found it!

    In case you ever see this, could you please send me that version?

    Some old client versions were stored here. For those interested, here's the archived thread, where you can check the links for yourselves. Vanilla server and bukkit are still missing for, unfortunately.


    Your reactor planner is excellent, congratulations for your work.

    Do you think it'd be possible for you to "remake" Talon's older reactor planners (V2 and V3)? What I mean by remaking is to actually make them work on Linux. They are available at the following "official" links: V3 (Chocohead), V3 (Web Archive) and V2 (Web Archive). I tried using both Oracle Java 7/8 and OpenJDK 8/11 and none of them worked on Linux (the application window is barely visible and there's no way to expand it -- I could post images here about it later). I still enjoy playing on 1.2.5 and 1.6.4 and I think it'd be fun to design a few reactors myself.

    In case that's not feasible at the moment, could you tell me what I have to learn in order to update those applications?

    Thanks either way.

    Edit: there's a slightly updated of V2 stored here.

    You should update IC2 to 1.97 and BC3 to to avoid further problems. Also, update to the latest forge version ( in 1.2.5, as it fixed some bugs with other mods. is a solid choice as well. You can find Buildcraft here:

    MCPC+ 1.2.5 Ports list

    Scroll down to BuildCraft3 and click the Google Sites link in the 3.1.6 #25 r3 section. IC2 1.97 can be downloaded from here.

    Alternatively, you could download the DNS Techpack for 1.2.5, which is available in the AT Launcher and that still has a working download link here. Tekkit 3.1.2 also works fine, but you'd have to content yourself with the much worse BC2.