Support Request: Better Than Wolves

  • Hi, I just Recently Installed Better Than Wolves [link] and it seems to have broken Industrial Craft 2 v. 1.5 It is currently shoing the Mojang Logo, and crashing... Please Help!

    Current Mods:
    MPModLoader 1.8.1
    Player's Client-sided MLMP-Fix
    IC2 1.15
    Better Than Wolves 2.9.6
    Buildcraft 2.2.0 (All Packs)
    Redpower2 - Prerelease 2.0pr1
    Equivilent Exchange 4.16
    Risugami's Shelves 1.8

  • Here you go...

  • Your problem is BC, not BTW or IC2. Check your BC config, this seems like a config problem. When in doubt delete it to generate a new one, but make sure to remember the Ids of the items if you changed the BC ones.

  • Your issue with BC is that ur running energy 2.2.0 and core 1.8.1
    That does not work. Update everything to 2.2.0 or get rid of the energy.