Switching from Industrial Craft 2 Classic to regular version

  • Hey there,

    I started a Mod-Server with a few friends using a modpack based on Tekxit (1.12.2).

    In it there was an Industrial Craft Version included and we did not change it and so we did not

    recognize that it wasn't a regular version of Industrial Craft 2 but Industrial Craft Classic (ic2classic-1-12-1-5-5-2-1).

    Now I want to change to the real and advanced Industrial Craft 2 Build industrialcraft-2-2.8.170-ex112 but it does not

    seem to switch the IDs and blocks correctly. Instead it deletes als the IC2classic stuff and that is very bad for us because

    we've already built a big world with much technology in it and we do not want to lose this.

    Is there a possibility someone can think of to change flawlessly between the mods?

    Best regards

    Edge | Tom

  • Edge | Tom

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  • Hi, unfortunately this is not possible. IC2e and IC2c are two different mods, each with their own unique IDs, that only share their name. If you really want to keep your original world, I suppose you could replace each block manually in creative. There's no easy way around it that I know of.