Conflicting Recipe error between industrial craft 2 and thermal foundation

  • Further explanation would be very useful. I see you have a crash report file here, but you did not explain how the crash happened. Did it happen when you booted the game? When you tried to load the world? Some time randomly while playing? When you did something specific while playing? What version of Minecraft did you use? What version of Forge did you use? What are all the mods you have installed, including specific versions? Perhaps include a .zip of your mods folder.

    Please try to include detail in your posts instead of posting the bare minimum. Giving just a crash report and one sentence almost certainly isn't sufficient information to allow others to help you, and even if all the relevant information is available in the crash report (I don't know if it is, I'm not fluent in crash reports) it's still highly advisable to put in the extra five minutes and write down everything relevant that you know. Failing to do that just means that whoever wants to help you will have to go to extra work to do so, and that means that they're less likely to try to help.