Converting power Industrial Craft Classic

  • Hey guys, Right now im playing with my GF and my boys a bunch of modpacks cuz why not right, we started again on tekkit 2, went to the moon and left the server to create one with tekxit 3.14 PI.

    So here is why im doubt, i want to make lava power (everyone should know what is right?) from nether to the overworld, and it should be possible cuz i do that in every single modpack with IC and BC but this modpack doesnt have the electric engines to receive power from the geothermal (this is my way to do it, basically pump gives lava to ender tank and to the geothermal, geothermal to 2 electric engines and its automatic). So i was wondering if there is a way to convert the IC Classic power to the BuildCraft Power! Sorry for the long text! :D:D:D:Geothermal Generator::Geothermal Generator: