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    The Steam reactor itself is still the same chocohead. Only difference is that you cant do unstable ones and you need to provide coolant.

    But not much more was added besides that in the reactor itself.

    Thats why classic made it its own concept. Steam vents that need to heat up to produce steam. The hotter they are the better they perform.

    The reactors heat tick runs also 20x faster, which adds a high risk to using it and pros can do so much more with it, because they have specialized components that act differently in the reactor and managing the inputs & outputs become a task instead of blindly filling & emptying the rods & coolant.

    Steam reactor nice idea but a boring implementation. (That only counts the reactor itself not the outside stuff)

    Yes the only reactor planner that would allow that is talons, which is the original, but the one you link isnt, it does 1 tick and then calculate out things based on that single calculation. It multicalculation would take to much resources and take also a good chunk of memory^^.

    Well chocohead there is just one tiny problem. With the release of IC2Classic on curse player said they would not support any offspring of IC2 anymore. Aka i would cause that no other IC2C project would be allowed. (Offically at least)

    And i don't fully pull an Eloraam.

    As Chocohead said Eloraam stopped mid development. IC2C was ported and at its release it was told this is also the last version of it.
    So your statement of not beginning is partly wrong. I finalized the last version and it was well known that this was going to be then end.

    And i don't plan to make my own voxel game. Nope mine is a 2D (with 3D view) game.
    From look you can compare it to a simcity/banished.
    Gameplay completly different.

    What's the next step? Because i'd rather use IC2-Classic over IC2 "Experimental" any day. Only, every day is 1.12.2 and IC2c isn't.

    Well really i don't have a interest to continue updating it.

    The purpose of this mod was to teach me programming in a big project and also to show the IC2 Team how to do it properly.

    I freely admit that.

    Now the next step is my own game and i already work on my own engine.

    Since I am not allowed to share the IC2 source i wont be able to make a team who maintains the mod for me. So yeah that option is also out of the window.

    Thanks to Aroma who deleted my post and destorying the formatting.

    Second, thanks to greg who gave me the post back.

    Third: Good luck with next time.

    First of all. I am not a IC2Exp dev i am not interested in becoming one but i would like to know what you think about Classic. Now let me add some comments so you have more weight.


    Quote The bugtracker:

    The reason why we have our own bugtracker is because there's not really an alternative. We don't use github or bitbucket for our source code and I'm pretty sure using their bugtracker without using them for source code is against their ToS. We also don't really like to depend on other services to hold our data without being able to manually back them up/copy them.

    Look at IC2Classic, Its bugtracker is also on github, or look at other mods that don't have their sourcecode shared on github they also have a tracker.

    If you really want to be save put the API on to Github that is anyway publicly accessable. So there is no reason why not, even if closed source!

    Also relying on another service to hold your data? How much bullshit is that? You always depend/rely on someone, and github is more relyable/dependable then any of this forum (sry Imer nothing personal),



    Aroma1997 wrote:


    Yes that's definitely planned. The jenkins already has changelogs and ideally we'd add them to the curse upload as well. There are gradle plugins, that can do that, and I looked into using them. I also looked into how other mods autogenerate their changelogs. That being said, I spent a lot of time trying to do that, but I didn't manage to do it in a satisfying way, however I intend to look into this topic again, once I have a bit more time again.

    First of all your Jenkins Changelogs are only Dev Changelogs not publicly shown changelogs, it is only either very cryptic or referencing another issue without any context at all. Nothing to show to any person who has no idea about coding! (You need to be a dev to understand that type of changelog)


    1538-ea05985ae8e391f90adb5071690c9c3c12226a0b.png Aroma1997 wrote: Magnetizer:

    I rewrote the magnetizer about half a year ago (or was it a year ago?). It no longer requires you to have metal boots when using it. I know, it's a bit unrealistic, but if it only works with metal armor, it's just useless.

    Actually it could have some use if its range wasn't just so small (its 10 - 20 blocks i think), Why not upgrade its range by a bit since its actually one of the fastes ways to travel vertically up. Compared to a jetpack at least. (Classic again implemented that idea to improve it)



    Aroma1997 wrote:

    Item/Fluid pipes:

    Yes, that's on the todo-list, but we have other things to work on with a higher priority.

    Interesting. I can't wait to see that, at least then keep this stuff simple to use and leave player out of the development of these.



    Aroma1997 wrote:

    Heat based upgrades:

    I'm not a huge fan of that suggestion.

    I have to agree, It would be nice if you guys would add maybe more upgrades to improve machines more or in different way for example, Efficency upgrades to reduce power cost (doesnt have to be cheap), better Overclocker upgrades maybe or way to expand the Upgrade slots without rewriteing every single machine (maybe an upgrade container that allows to store upgrades and it injects the effect directly into the machine when used in machine?)

    There is a reason why ic2c has over 40 upgrades because i went overboard with it but also they allow much more detail work on stuff, but i got out of the topic. The suggeted upgrades don't sound really good but it would be defenetly needed to expand on the Upgrade System since IC2Exp has such a great foundation for this type of thing. (Not joking)

    Now about chocoheads discussion i want to make 1 point and ask 1 question: Remember how you guys often said that you don't have much time to work on things (that was back in 1.7.10 times) and then out of nowhere later the 1.8.9-1.10.2 update came out?

    Remember that? My point being you guys can't oftenly sit together to get shit done but as soon it has to be about being in the latest version everyone has time now to work on this massive update or even core rewrite (which was done in 1.8.9-1.10.2 version) but not to get the mod even very good designed.

    I know IRL isn't always giving time but you guys lack priority, and open to many new projects without closing many old ones,

    This is getting soon to levels of Techreborn just more stable.

    But these are my 5 cents about IC2Exp.

    Greg the version he means is 1.7.10.

    Anything below version 1.3 (or offical 1.4) is not 1.10.2 and relies on the old system.

    So dahnuguy . You pipe in fuels from the top because of hoppers and because immibis changed it so in the 1.6.4 version of IC2Classic.
    1.7.10 has some expansions to it but is still basically a port from Immibis 1.6.4 system with efficiency and bug fixes.

    Basically rule of thum if sides don't work try the top.

    Also after reading all this now. Whats exactly your problem since i personaly don't get it. (Its 1:40AM that maybe the issue)

    Anyway sorry for that confusion and for the long delay. Speiger.

    Well the issue is it looks at the light level around you not of the brigtness in the daytime.. At least in classic it did that.
    But personally i removed that feature completly and give instead a constant nightvision effect since nightvision goggles are pretty unpopular in the first place and that just kills them.

    Just do a Checkerboard of reed and then breed in the middle.
    Do like a 25x25 area or 50x50 area then you have enough probing spots to get a really quickly.
    In IC2Exp its faster to get then in Classic since classic has more weak lvl crops then Exp.

    Ok here is a point:
    You have to give some players a reason to use something. If everything requires a complexity you only reach a certain group of people who like that feature. But those who want a relaxing phase or not a so hard entry into the mod to get compfortable with it get scared away.

    Yes the Cobbelgen upgrade is a solution to a problem. On the other hand those solution exist already in many different ways. How quick do you setup a cobble producer its litterly 2 blocks which are cheap and easy to make and then 1 lava and 1 water source. Thats all you need. There is nothing new or inventive about that.

    Using miners which arent designed for that type of thing are just an inconvience that stops the flow of the mod.

    Take for example crops: I hear people hate using crops in IC2. But i got people to love them in Classic because they were able to use things and understand things.

    The logic for breeding is still the same. the logic of the crops is also the same. Even so some tiny requirements got a bit loose but thats still the same if you look at it.

    But they can see: Ok i can do this and this and i will get this. Its not 100% chance but its also not something i cant see or cant control.

    On top of that you can speed things up but you have a price to pay when you use it. It makes early game use interesting and introduces a interest in going into other parts of the mod.

    On top of that a higher yield in drops for metals for example make crops much more worth using since you can actually have a option to generate resources in a "reasonable time"

    So what i did was:
    Make things visible for people, made it not impossible to obtain but still keeping a balance, and made things more worth in gaining them.

    These things are what IC2Exp lack a lot. I just got a request: Hey couldnt we make a addon for Exp that add Ic2Classics machines into it.
    Funny thing is one of my testers jumped in and said: Its easier the other way around to port Exps stuff over to classic then other way because its more open to those kind of things.

    But as i know i have no arguments in your eyes. No worry classic is anyway over but i can tell you those who played it will miss it more then when Exp will leave. I can tell you that for sure!

    THat may be true since its just a upgrade where you get items. but i think the logic comes into play with the things you can do with a basic buffer machine that can accept upgrades like these.
    Also its much more server friendly.

    Also it allows for small builds like a Cobbleworks.