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    It's a wonder that Su5eD plays IC2Exp, since he views anything "closed source" As maleware.

    Oh yeah,

    before you feel attacked,

    At least I am not creating lies.

    Anyways open sourcing the mod would most likely lead just to a closed source license.

    In other words: Viewing it is fine, Own forks or modification/Self distribution is not.

    Nothing is wrong with closed Source IMO, it's sad if a mod dies.
    But ownership also includes the right to take anything down if they so desire, or let it die.

    And that should be respected, if not then anything goes, and nobody wants that.

    I could now mention something specific, but eh not worth it.
    Already know the outcome.


    The Charcoal Enriched Uranium fuel cell life should be increased from 15k seconds to maybe 18k or 20k. Currently it produces less total EU than a regular fuel cell. I think that to counterbalance its reduced EU output it should produce more total EU per cell. This requires a lifetime greater than 16,667 seconds, so I suggest maybe 18k or 20k.

    Yeah this was actually done. Heatoutput was reduced and burntime was increased to 20k.


    There should be electric and steam versions of the component heat vent. The overclocked heat vent is difficult to use without the component heat vent if I am to be drawing heat from the reactor hull. Without electric or steam component heat vents I won't be able to use electric overclocked heat vents as effectively as I might otherwise be able to, nor will I be able to make best use of steam overclocked heat vents in a steam reactor.

    This was addressed as we just buffed the steam vents by +50% cooling capacity.
    Electric steam vents drain power, so that isn't possible with the steam reactor. But a good middle ground where they are between normal and Electric vents seem to be a good solution.

    And their productivity can be configured in the mod config.


    The power draw of electric components needs to be increased greatly if there is to be any trade-off in using them other than possibly more expensive resource requirements to craft. I suggest at least 10x increased power draw, maybe considerably more. Otherwise, a resource-rich player will have no incentive whatsoever not to use electric heat vents because they currently have a negligible effect on the efficiency of the reactor.

    Honestly, this isn't changed and while you are right that there should be a bigger downside, but honestly reactors are scaring people already a lot. Not needed to scare them more.

    Also the drain happens before the EU config applying meaning no matter what you set the config to it auto scales with it.


    I think the steam reactor needs to be usable without other mods. IC2 experimental lets me use the fluid reactor without other mods via the fluid distributor block. This block is a lot more bulky and generally difficult to work with than the pipes of other mods, but that can also be taken as an interesting challenge to work with as it makes arranging the blocks in a coolant cooling facility somewhat similar to arranging components in a reactor. As such, I suggest you add the fluid distributor to IC2 classic so we can move water/steam to/from steam reactors and turbines.

    Fully addressed. IC2Classic comes with its own fluid pipe system that the reactor and a lot of machines can directly emit through.
    They can if nessesary also drain from fluid sources too.

    Also higher tier "Steam Tunnel" that can output up to 4x 512EU packets per tick (instead of 2kEU) to help use the steam faster is now a thing.

    Last point is addressed with the "Steam Tunnel"

    From what i know it can not be changed.

    And the Loss was disabled because the enet was still in construction in 1.6.4-1.7.x, it was not capable at the moment to handle loss.

    Sadly (i dont know if that is the case anymore so correct me if i am wrong) the IC2 Team had implemented instant loss.

    What that means before it was nessesary that you needed to reach natural numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6) to apply loss. So 1.2EU loss would be 1EU loss and 1.8EU loss would be 1EU loss, that is in +1.10.2 versions (could be later) completely removed. Loss gets applied instantly so the overal loss is in general a lot higher now since you lose everything instantly and not freshhold based.

    EnergyLoss itself is not a bad concept, i fully agree on that feature and would be sad myself to lose it even in the EXP version.

    But the current Exp Version implementation of it is just to punishing leaves no room for creativity in terms of how you could design with it.

    But sorry no possebility. Unless they changed it.

    I looked into the code and its fairly simple:
    No You can not add a custom Profile, it is actually hardcoded into the mod.
    Even if you change the Classic XML File you can only change recipes with it that is the limitation from that point.

    No nuclear Jetpack. I doubt that they ever going to implement that since its not their way to implement things that way anymore.

    The Steam reactor itself is still the same chocohead. Only difference is that you cant do unstable ones and you need to provide coolant.

    But not much more was added besides that in the reactor itself.

    Thats why classic made it its own concept. Steam vents that need to heat up to produce steam. The hotter they are the better they perform.

    The reactors heat tick runs also 20x faster, which adds a high risk to using it and pros can do so much more with it, because they have specialized components that act differently in the reactor and managing the inputs & outputs become a task instead of blindly filling & emptying the rods & coolant.

    Steam reactor nice idea but a boring implementation. (That only counts the reactor itself not the outside stuff)

    Yes the only reactor planner that would allow that is talons, which is the original, but the one you link isnt, it does 1 tick and then calculate out things based on that single calculation. It multicalculation would take to much resources and take also a good chunk of memory^^.

    Well chocohead there is just one tiny problem. With the release of IC2Classic on curse player said they would not support any offspring of IC2 anymore. Aka i would cause that no other IC2C project would be allowed. (Offically at least)

    And i don't fully pull an Eloraam.

    As Chocohead said Eloraam stopped mid development. IC2C was ported and at its release it was told this is also the last version of it.
    So your statement of not beginning is partly wrong. I finalized the last version and it was well known that this was going to be then end.

    And i don't plan to make my own voxel game. Nope mine is a 2D (with 3D view) game.
    From look you can compare it to a simcity/banished.
    Gameplay completly different.

    What's the next step? Because i'd rather use IC2-Classic over IC2 "Experimental" any day. Only, every day is 1.12.2 and IC2c isn't.

    Well really i don't have a interest to continue updating it.

    The purpose of this mod was to teach me programming in a big project and also to show the IC2 Team how to do it properly.

    I freely admit that.

    Now the next step is my own game and i already work on my own engine.

    Since I am not allowed to share the IC2 source i wont be able to make a team who maintains the mod for me. So yeah that option is also out of the window.