Steam to kU ratio?

  • I've found every ratio I needed but that one. Kinetic Steam Generator page says that:"The kU output will be double when using Superheated Steam compared to normal Steam" but never actually mentions the normal steam-to-kU ratio. My two Steam Boilers produce 200 mB of superheated steam per tick in total and single Kinetic Steam Generator makes 800 kU per tick from it, so it'll be 1 mB (of normal steam) to 2 kU?
    I find it very frustrating not knowing the numbers because I cannot simply check if my setup has any 'leaks' due to simple mistake or serious miscalculation

  • I assume you are talking about IC2 Experimental for 1.12.2 (as opposed to IC2 Classic which has both 1.12.2 and 1.19.2 versions).

    I don't know the exact ratio for steam to kU, but I'm pretty sure that 4 hU turns to 3 EU with superheated steam and 2 EU with regular steam, and the stirling engine had the same hU/EU rate as regular steam. I also think I remember the kinetic generator generating 100 EU/t from a superheated steam turbine and 50 from a regular steam turbine. I think my setup went something like:

    1. 4 mB/t hot coolant into two heat exchangers
    2. 200 hU/t heat from heat exchangers into a boiler together with 1 mB/t distilled water input
    3. superheated steam from boiler goes to two turbines (the first turbine outputs regular steam which powers the second turbine)
    4. kinetic energy from the two turbines goes to two kinetic energy generators
    5. the one taking kinetic energy from the superheated steam turbine makes 100 EU/t and the other one makes 50 EU/t

    and then I would put two of these setups together which would share the same condenser to make a single 8 mB/t hot coolant to 300 EU/t setup, and I'd have multiple of those setups processing my fluid reactor output as needed.

    Also, I remember hearing some rumors about IC2 Exp failing to conserve distilled water and producing less distilled water from the waste steam than was used to make it in the first place, but I don't remember whether or not I ever actually observed that in-game.

    Anyway, the wiki says that 1 mB of water and 200 hU makes 100 mB of superheated steam, so it looks like the ratio is 100 mB superheated steam -> 400 kU -> 100 EU. And I guess that means that for ordinary steam the ratio is 100 mB steam -> 200 kU -> 50 EU.

    Unfortunately, I can't find any numbers for the conversion of steam back to distilled water.