[IC2 Addon]A new mod FrogCraft is under developing >_<

  • Recently I'm developing a new mod call FrogCraft(Named from Misaka Mikoto's favourite animal)

    This mod brings many new feature to the game ,extends IC2 and GT

    Some people are complaining that GT is too hard for them and they get bored. I'm guessing why a few people hate GT, maybe GT 'force' them to keep doing a same work for a long time(like keep finding rupee to get enough Cr) , my mod is designed to provide more ways for players without destroy the balance of GT,no more boring long period repeation!.

    My mod consists of 4 parts:

    1.IC & GT Reinforce machines:

    Industrial version of electric furnance,macerator,extractor and compressor:

    they have the same speed as the induction furnance and they can deal with 6 items at same time!(It costs more electricity)

    Pnumetic compressor

    special version of GT implosion compressor, compresses item by using the power of compressed air!Without tones of ITNT!this machine is designed to set like a implosion compressor(standard machine replaced by advance machine) Of course,it needs 1-4 gas pump(the more the faster it willbe)

    It's really expensive and costs about 40 times more electricity

    HSU(Hybrid storage unit) and UHSU (Ultimate hybrid storage unit) are update version of MFSU which have larger capacity (10times and 100times) and higher output voltage (2048 & 8192)

    EV transformer is added so that it's possible to step down 8192 to 2048

    2.Industrial devices

    Stuffs about industrial chemistry, like condense tower,thermocracker,fermentor...

    3.Compound ores

    They are ores that more common than GT rupees, but they are complex mixture, they can't be used directly, if you want them to be use full, you need to build plenty of machines(Frogcraft and GT machines).

    4.Armor and weapons

    Railgun: the powerful weapon of Misaka Mikoto.it uses Industrial credit :Industrial Credit: as ammo and has a damage of 50, now you have learnt how to use it!but the problem is, Misaka Mikoto knows how to generate electricity herselft, but you can't so 1 shot costs 100000Eu

    Fiber armor: made of spider web 0w0

    and more are designing....