[Support] Option menu occlution

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    Problem: Option menu options are hidden by the back button.

    Version, 1.15 SSP.

    Extra Info: Appears that the back-button has a fixed position, and is not shifted down when more options are added.
    The usual advice of *change it in the options menu* will not work if it is covered by the back button.

    Edit: This might actually go in the bug section, but considering how many people install the game wrong, I would be unsurprised if I made a mistake as well. So this may belong in the bug section. I think a hueg question is if you should put something in the bug section or support section, if you don't know if it is a result of an incorrect manual installation, or a result of an actual bug.

  • Ah, that explains it. Is there any way to manually modify the options, like via a file in the .minecraft folder?

    There is a folder in .minecraft called options.txt, however it uses numeric values instead of the key symbol so you need to use the link below to match the values to the keys you want to use.

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    Inspired... and insane. I don't want to be anywhere near that thing when it's working! 8o