1.00 Electric Jetpack Issue 1.73

  • Firstly hello and thank you for this mod. I have found hours upon hours of enjoyment out of all the possibilities this mod brings to minecraft. I do have a problem however and I hope you could help me.

    I have found a odd issue with my Electric Jetpack. I can usually fly around but now all of a sudden no matter if I make a new one or use my old one I cannot fly. I just sort of jump 5-6 blocks and glide down to the ground. I am aware that you can activate Hover Mode with H but even in hover mode it will just go 2-3 blocks high and then glide to the ground.

    Is there any type of fix that will fix this bug? I have the following mods installed.

    IndustrialCraft 2
    Equivalent Exchange
    Rei's Minimap
    Recipe Book

    All worked fine for the past week that I have been playing with the above mods installed. Thank you for any assistance.

  • I was on block 50. This morning I reinstalled my mods and so far it works and it does indeed limit at 85 like the wiki says. Thank you very much for replying and helping :)