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    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this wonderful mod but I must ask is there any chance at all this could easily be ported to 1.4.7? If not I understand but I'm ever hopeful none the less haha.

    I'm running 1.6.2 with build 300 and BC2 4.1.2 and the mod is log

    I downloaded the release off this thread - [LATEST RELEASE] [MC 1.6] IC2 Experimental and the FAQ is broken so I turn to you smarter people. The release states that it is version 1.6.2 / 1.6.4 experimental (307) but when I boot with minecraft I only get the error "IC2 is incompatible with this environment, use the normal IC2 version, not the dev-deobf one.", my question is this not a 1.6.2 compatible version? I'm running 1.6.2 with minecraftforge-installer-1.6.2- only and the error persists.

    I've been gone for over a year and just about everything has changed and I'm partly confused with how scattered all the mods have become on updates/demands for certain versions of's like Mojang is taking tips from the nut jobs that made the ACA/website lol. Thanks for the assistance.

    Error below if needed

    Well I downloaded version 300 and it appears to be working fine now (least it loads fine...who knows if it will be stable haha) thanks anyways for the help.

    I have this mod installed in the /mods folder and my world crashes near my machines/unable to create as well. Running IC2 112.170 and 4.6 AdvMach and 1.4.6 MC . It would seem it's not the machines causing the issue as I made them on a test world. Is there a issue with going from 1.4.5 world to a 1.4.6? It asks me a yes or no question with no text....not sure what is going on there.

    How long has 1.3 been out for so many mods to not be updated yet? Makes me wanna say recently but people are already talking about a 1.4 release lol. I took a break since 1.8 so its been a while since I played :)

    This is strange....I took a break and came back (same minecraft folder etc) and I can no longer make these machines. I run 1.1 and 1.71 IC2 and 3.5 (also tried 3.7 same result) Advanced Machines. There are no error logs and my game works fine but I don't have the recipe. I have the mod in my /mods folder which I believe is proper.

    Any ideas? I tried reinstalling it all with the same result.

    Nevermind I am just a idiot...continue with your day. Thanks for the wonderful updates to this mod :)

    Thank you for this mod....this was really starting to piss me off. I haven't played IC2 in a while so I kept saying "why do I have machine blocks?"

    There a mod to fix battery packs from breaking? I really dislike the direction this mod is going on tool durability haha.

    Thank you for this....fantastic addition to a fantastic mod. I am curious though....what do you mean by "Buildcraft compatibility REQUIRES 2.2.1!"? Is it for pipes connected if you want to automate your smelting processes? Any chance of a 2.2.5 update for 1.8.1 or you waiting for 1.9? (Not asking release date but asking if its in the plans)

    Does it change much between Windows and Linux as far as install/config etc go?

    If so I have
    Equivalent Exchange
    Nature Overhaul
    Red Power 2

    If it isn't major I could post my block IDs for each that I used....though I didn't take into account I use 1.15 so you will need to dance around new block IDs. With mine I think blocks 208 to 220 are still free :P