[30 slot]League of Science [IC2][Build craft][Red Power 2][Additional pipes][24/7][Gray List]

  • Are you tired of the same badly managed free to play servers? Are you tired of paying to play a decent Industrial Craft 2 & Build Craft server? Well we were too so we created the League of Science! We got board of the same old IC2 & BC so we added a new spin to it, Red Power 2
    We have a 24/7 Minecraft Server and a Teamspeak server for our members. We are currently a 30 slot server but as we get more donations, we will increase the slot capacity of the server. Our Admins are on daily to help protect against griefing.

    We only ask that you follow the following rules:
    1. No Griefing
    2. No Stealing
    3. No Exploiting or Hacks
    4. No Excessive Swearing or Racial Slurs
    5. Nukes are restricted to Admin's only
    6. Respect all Admin"s
    7. For all secondary rules please visit our forum.

    If you're interested in joining our server, drop by and check us out.The Info for our Teamspeak server can also be found on our forum as well.

    Link to our Forum: http://leagueofscience.com
    Server IP: game.leagueofscience.com
    For more information including current mods visit: http://leagueofscience.com/for…nfo-includes-config-files

  • Sounds like a good server. My IGN is Gamerick. I'm a generally quiet server player and find it easy to settle into a community. I've been spending ages trying to find an industrialcraft server because i hate making complex/impressive machines and not have anyone able to see them

  • Hi, my IGN is Bi11i4m, I'm 15 years old and I'm kind of new to the whole Industrial/Build craft scene. I would LOVE to join your server because playing on non-whitelist servers gets annoying and repetitive, I get griefed everyday and frankly I'm sick of it. If I were to be accepted onto your server, I would kindly and graciously help anyone who needs any kind of help.
    Thanks :D

  • All of you who have applied have been added. Don't go to far from the spawn thought. New rules and information have been added to main post.

  • IGN: inoneday (bi11i4m's older bro)
    About me: New to IC but willing and able to work for the team and learn about BC and IC2
    IGN: realgangstas (bi11i4m's friend irl)
    About me: Have been on 2 non whitelisted non dedicated servers and tired of being greifed and lagged out, I know most of the recipes for IC and BC, still trying to find most efficient reactor setup.
    Age:17 (both)

  • IGN: Rockflayer

    Reason I would like to join: Im looking for a server in which i can play with some friendly people with out having to worry about those blasted greifers. I am also looking for a server in which i can build a decent sized factory.

    So if its possible....May i be whitelisted so i can play with you guys? Thanks!


  • Hello, IGN: MrAmazing64 I want to be whitelisted because i'm searching for a good industrial craft server since i started playing it a few days ago. Your's looks relatively small and i like that :D

  • All of you have been added but be warned buildcraft is not usable right now. Basically I'm forbidding it till 2.2.3 comes out for obvious reasons.

  • Do you plan on updating to buildcraft 2.2.4 and do you plan to add the BC teleport / additional pipes? if so I would like to be whitelisted, my IGN is Gir19 and I have played both IC2 and BC for a very long time so I know how it all works.