Suggestion: Soundproofing

  • Should soundproof blocks be implemented into Industrial Craft 2? (Read the post before voting!) 3

    1. Yes. (3) 100%
    2. No. (0) 0%

    One day your very noisy machines are having a very productive time in your underwater base; and your having a great mining trip. But then Mr. McThief overhears you macerator's **clunk, clunk, clunk** and starts to dig down. Your base is penetrated, the torches and your precious redstone circuits are immediately dismantled by the water stolen by Mr. McThief; he then dismantles your noisy machines. You then happily skip back from the mine with a nice stack of diamonds, only to find your base flooded and all your precious machines stolen. What caused this? Mr. McThief overheard your noisy Macerator. Now what if he couldn't hear it? Behold! Soundproof blocks! Made from your best friend: rubber!

    Craft like so:
    :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline:
    :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline:
    :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline:

    The :Rubber Trampoline: is where a piece of rubber is.

    Now Mr. McThief can't overhear your noisy Industrial Diamond operation and you don't have to pay Mr. McRipoff for overpriced machine and redstone insurance! Double win deserves two super happy faces! :D :D

    An Idea So No One Has to Rewrite the Sound System: I was thinking maybe the more sound absorbing blocks you placed within a certain distance of the machine, the less noise it would make overall. Eventually, you could place enough blocks so then you'd have to be about 3-4 blocks away or less to hear the machine (and it wouldn't be making your ears sad even then :)).

    Now I want to hear your opinion! Do you think soundproof blocks should be implement? Do you think there should be changes? Participate in the poll and put your comments below.

  • This is in a way possible. But it would have to use a better sound engine I think one guy has managed to add something like this depending on what blocks are around you depth etc I assume surrounded but say soundproofing blocks would or might do the trick.

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  • I cant see this being done without modifying alot of base code, going to have to wait till audio-mod supports this kind of thing.