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    The topic we are discussing is that some people think that the Ender Chests mod will allow their Nether lava cell factories to operate unattended and magically fill the chest when they are not in the Nether - and that's not at all how the mod works.

    Actually I don't see that anyone brought up anything about chunk loading until you brought it up. Before that there's just people being happy about not having to go through the hassle of manually moving things from the nether.

    all the Ender Chest does is allow an inventory from one to be opened in the other - seriously, it's not all that different from having to carry the items across yourself, you just don't have to empty one chest and fill another is all.

    And this is where I disagree entirely There is a -Big- difference between having to stop empty your inventory bring all the stuff to the overworld and go back to get your stuff when compared to just being able to pump things directly into the Ender Chest and then walking through the portal to the over world and having the stuff pumped out with out ever having touched a single thing. Yes, I could do it manually but there is a reason that people automate their minecraft worlds.

    Again, don't mistake the ability to access a shared inventory to mean a chunk is loaded. That data is stored elsewhere.
    Yes, stuff like Ender Chests is amazing and pushes the envelope, but people are clearly still expecting that it does more than it actually does.

    I don't think you get it that some people don't need machines on both sides to be running constantly, I'm perfectly happy to go to the nether build a base that pumps lava, nether wart, and blaze rods into ender chests while I'm building, hunting, and or exploring and then when i return to the overworld my Generator tanks become filled to the brim, My brewery stand begins production of the many potions i might have use of along with any number of other thing all without me ever having to worry about having to stop, empty out my inventory, and fill it up with whatever nether goods where produced.

    In short, It doesn't matter that they don't work it the same time, it would be nice if they did, but they don't and that doesn't negate the usefulness of the ender chest

    Coincidentally enough, I was looking at that earlier while I was doing reconstruction of my install, I like it. Would come in handy.

    I can see that people in the Nether put Lava Cells in the chest, going through the portal and the BC/RP2 machine on the other side automatically pumping them out and distributing them out accordingly to the Geo Gens.

    Will likely be doing something similar though i tend to use buckets wherever possible.

    I just find it funny what with so many people saying it was impossible.

    As I suspected all along it has been possible to transfer things between the dimensions. Glad that someone finally made it possible as I can finally connect the industrial parts of my nether base to the overworld base which is something I've been wanting to be able to do for a long time. I still would rather have something that makes more sense like involving the nether portals somehow but I'll just place this in the corner of a portal for now.

    Ender Chest

    Cannot affect items over time... Well you can but only if the player is wearing them and hello buildcraft/redpower. Even so, making it deplete faster outside the nether would mean adding code to EVERYTHING that can store the item. In other words, Nope!

    Valid point I'll give you that one.

    Ehhh... Are we actually using Enchanment and potion stuff now? I thought everybody that had an ounce of sanity hated that stuff and never want to hear about it and even less touch it?

    If your not using potions i would think you'd be glad to have some other use for their drops besides potions.

    I shed a tear for how crazy this is starting to sound now. Use that tear instead?

    And all of a sudden your for making potions? Make up your mind.

    Eh whaa? Spinning lava, blazing tears of Ghast rods shooting electricity?

    So I made up some random pseuodo physics to explain what was going on, Considering just about the entirety of minecraft is based on basicly the same thing, I think you might be playing the wrong game if your turning your nose up at it. Do you only use mechanics in Minecraft make sense? I can't imagine you'd get very far with that, what with the whole needing to -punch- down a tree in the first 5 seconds of the game and all.

    On top of that your criticizing the made up mechanics of a made up item dropped by a made up creature from a made up alternate dimension that you get to through a made up magical portal from a made up world.

    Right? Because a lapotron crystal that stores 1 million EU is a horribly bad energy storage device... Considering it would take 41 minutes to fill ONE of them using a lava gen and it would take 41 minutes to fill 41 of them (for a total of 41 million EU) using 41 lava gens.

    It would require 36 diamonds, 72 iron, 216 lapis lazuli, 264 Redstone, 1296 copper, and 2592 rubber For 36 Lapotron crystals and your talking about 41 of them? Right, I'll get right on that.

    I can't even begin to imagine how long it would then take to fill an inventory full of your 3 million EU plasma batteries. What exactly am i going to be doing in the nether for all that time? You see, when you leave the nether everything stops down there.

    Congratulations!! you've been awarded the Captain Obvious Award.

    So i would have to spend a few hours down there building stuff and then wait for the energy to be produced.

    Once again you seem to be Snubbing your nose at pretty much the core concept of Minecraft.

    Or, if Lapotron crystals aren't good enough i can always have a stack of empty cells and fill those with a pump and a miner. At a much higher rate than burnig the lava with generators. I can carry a total of 69.12 million EU's worth in lava cells back home in less time spent.
    Sure, it's going to cost me 216 tin ingots but i think it's worth it as long as i don't spend a minute longer in the nether than i actually have to. And that is before we consider the fact we would still need to either build a lava transport system or use lava cells in the nether using your proposed plasma battery.

    For one thing there is nothing that says you'd need to use tin, if your sufficiently clever it's pretty simple to make a system that uses buckets instead.

    Go to the nether to acquire energy that i can just as easily produce outside of the nether? Gotcha! (If i want millions of EU's in energy i could build solar flowers and sit on my ass for the rest of my minecraft experience.

    If that's your thing then go to it your perfectly welcome to it, That doesn't mean that other people aren't allowed to play in a different way.

    If certain people would rather build 16 bat boxes to transfer 32 EU/t without any loss from the sky i doubt they would be willing to lose several thousand EU by transporting plasma batteries.

    If certain people are perfectly fine with not building 16 bat boxes to transfer 32eu/t without any loss from the sky I bet they would be willing to lose a several thousand eu by transporting plasma batteries. See how that works? Once again you seem to deny any other way to play minecraft as being valid.

    In the end your post has been the most useless I've seen in a very long time, including those begging for people to update their mod. Aside from the one point about it not being possible the way that the code works, every one of your points involves criticizing the methods that minecraft itself uses and or belittling any other way to play minecraft other then your own.

    In essence I came up with a relatively creative way to do a few things that i find Minecraft is lacking in at once. I apologize for not thinking of that one aspect of the code implication when I was posting but honestly I would likely have still posted it. Especially since aside from the Code limitation it still gives us a reason to expand into the nether which is a main tennant of the idea. Yes it will have to be done in a different way but the idea is still a good one.

    And finally a quote for you to think about:
    "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away."

    So this idea started off as a solution for the problem with transferring energy from the Nether to the Overworld. Though it also had the side effect of giving us a reason to go hunting into the nether which now i find is actually more important.

    It consists of a battery that can hold far more then a lapis battery (5-10x?) but is harder to make as well as only works to it's full potential in the Nether, it still works in the Overworld however it's energy stores deplete rather quickly.

    First step is to macerate the Blaze rods into Blaze dust.

    Then combine the Blaze dust with a Ghast tear to get Gelatinized Embers.

    Throw that into a compressor to flatten it into sheets to get an Ember Plate.

    Finally taking some lava and building a vessel for it with Some obsidian as shielding and simple so you can hold it like so:

    :Coal Chunk: = Obsidian
    :Lava Cell: = Lava cell or bucket
    :Nuke TNT: = Ember plate

    :Coal Chunk::Nuke TNT::Coal Chunk:
    :Nuke TNT: :Lava Cell: :Nuke TNT:
    :Coal Chunk::Nuke TNT::Coal Chunk:

    You get a Ember Sheathed Plasma Orb which has the odd tendency to start the lava inside spinning faster and faster as you apply electricity to it and even odder then that the effect of the spinning lava within on the Blaze rod and Ghast Tear material causes a very controlled electrical arc whenever it is near Lapis, essentially discharging the rotational energy of the orb. (essentially meaning it will only charge items that use lapis in their construction like MFSUs and Lapis batteries however it can be charged in just about anything)

    Essentially you'd have
    A) a good way to transfer energy from the nether
    B) a reason to go into the nether at all
    C) a still balanced item due to the fact that if used in the Overworld it will deplete it's entire energy store within 5-10 minutes

    I recently suggested this for the forge:


    Would it be possible to change how Isidedinventory works so that if a side is not directly linked to a specific inventory slot then something linked to that side can access any slot?

    And got this reply:


    That's entirely up to the mod.

    You'll notice the Buffer more or less works exactly like that.

    In any case I don't see any reason to have sides of a block not able to do anything with pipes and whatnot, just have it how it used to be before Isidedinventory for the sides that aren't directly assigned to a specific slot. For example a normal furnace would be able to have things put into any of the side slots (besides the right) as well as being taken out. You might not get -exactly- what you want but at least there's an option in some of the tight setups rather then not being able to do anything with those sides.

    Hmmm... then it is forge-build. Will probably contact the mods creator and try to get him to put his changes into Forge itself or something. But currently i don't have much time at hands ^^'

    I don't believe the forge team is interested in having something as save breaking as that in Forge (but that was said quite a while ago), however i think the main issue here is to make sure that IC is done right to take advantage of the extended IDs without something messing up so that it can be used. Not so much incorporating it, more of a make sure IC doesn't die from having higher ID numbers.

    Knockback can be done by sprinting anyway, the enchant just does it passively. (unless it like knocks them to the moon or something)

    And the only thing I expect to be enchantable would just be the basic non-chargable tools and armor.

    Fine with me, like i said in my first post I can understand the balancing issue with power tools and understand if they are made to be unenchantable.

    Gotta agree with that.
    Given energy exchange between nether and world is either impossible (SSP) or difficult (SMP) any sort of "transport energy with a block activating upon using a nether portal" (which would yet again be a pain to code, if even possible) can actually be replaced by just carrying 36 Lapotron Crystals, don't you agree?

    A) Because that requires an empty inventory
    B) it would requires 36 diamonds, 72 iron, 216 lapis lazuli, 264 Redstone, 1296 copper, and 2592 rubber

    I do however appreciate that it may be difficult though I would insist it be kept in mind and toyed with now and then in case you think of a way that it would be possible. In large this post was to offer a way for it to be, in theory, possible to code. Even if it did it by placing an item into your inventory that used the damage value to determine how much energy was being transfered and then took it out on the other side I'd be fine with it. Saying that you can already do it by emptying out your entire inventory and magically being able to afford 36 lapotron crystals is not really helpful.

    Definitely, glad you you guys were able to talk and clear things up from the sounds of it you pretty much affirmed with her what i was saying, that there will be some overlap but considering the fact that you are both very different people I can't imagine both mods ever having -everything- from one mod found in the other. Especially since you have a head start and continue to roll out awesome additions.

    On a far more general note it's pretty much a given that any idea no matter how perfect or awesome it is, is going to be taken and done in a new and interesting way by another. To quote T.S. Elliot


    One of the surest tests [of the superiority or inferiority of a poet] is the way in which a poet borrows. Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different. The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique, utterly different than that from which it is torn; the bad poet throws it into something which has no cohesion.

    Which I would actually attribute to the whole of creative endeavors rather then just poetry, the thought that just because an idea is already out there doesn't mean it should never be touched. There should always be room for the reimagining of ideas, so long as the artist is good at what they do the original will always still have it's own place since nothing else will ever be identical.

    For those that are curious as to Eloraams methods and thought process, if you haven't read this I'd highly suggest it:

    Going beyond that I have to say that I slightly understand the hesitance that some mod developers are having with the way that RP is headed however I have little doubt that there will always be a place for the IC/RP/BC combo.

    Sure, RP introduces tubes which are slightly similar to the pipes in BC but if I where to try to build a factory I would still need to use pipes for the majority of it.
    Sure, RP may bring on some of the basic machines that IC was first to pioneer but I don't see it ever coming out with the Mass Fabricator, Quantum suit, jetpack, Power tools, Sell-o-mat, Autominer and any other choice features that IC brings to the table.
    Sure, RP is bringing in electrical generation and wiring but BC/IC also has it's own overlap in that department yet I hear no suggestions of hooks to make IC and BC incompatible.

    My point is while there may be future overlap there will always be features that IC has that can't be found anywhere else that draws people to install it over only having RP. Just because RP brings on some of the basic ground level tech so that it can build on it from there doesn't mean it's ever going to make IC obsolete. Assuming the IC devs continue their trend of ingenuity and innovation as they bring more and more features to IC, then there will always be a need for IC.

    1. The subwater upgrade removes water permanently if the volume removed is large enough. If you log in and see, I have permanently removed the ocean. The fix for this would be to save in a separate file the exact coordinates of every source block that the subwater upgrade removes. That way it would put things back exactly as they were.

    Or just make it so that if the blocks above the shield are water source blocks it fills everything below them with source blocks. Thus essentially refiling with water when the shield goes down and I can't think of any funky sideffects this may cause.