[Addon v1.112]BioMaterialsv3.2.0

  • this mod is not supposed to be extravagant, I only want it to add a simple yet balenced way to make various materials renewably

    hence my suggestion not requiring any new machines. I do like the current system, I was giving a suggestion which would allow for random other organic things to be converted, by adding some sorta recipe for cooking them into carbon.

  • ye but the cooking would require a new machine

    some of them could probably do with just cooking the plant in a furnace, the rest could be cafted with say bonemeal, or some other renewable material, then have the result cooked in the furnace.

    Or, alternately add some sorta recipe to turn wood and other plant materials into plant balls?

  • Just wanted to repost my old idea and see if you'd be willing to implement it, either as a separate mod or as a config option for this one;

    I had an idea earlier to the effect of this, which makes the process a little more based on reality, (not that that's ever been very important in Minecraft) as well as allowing wood to be used in this process as well.

    Instead of using straight plantballs, you would instead be able to burn plantballs for some amount of charcoal. (perhaps configurable in the config, by default, let's say you get 3 per plantball) You'd then have to macerate charcoal into charcoal dust (maybe integrate into charcoal dust mod?) and craft nine of these in a crafting table, to receive a Big Pile of Charcoal Dust. Compressing this yields a Charcoal Ball, and after that, the recipes are completely configurable in the config, with around 4-5 items added by this mod, to represent ever larger amounts of compressed charcoal (Not all of which are used by default).
    By default, the recipes go: 8 charcoal dust + 1 Charcoal Ball (9 charcoal) = 1 Lump of Charcoal (17 charcoal), which is then compressed into 1 coal. This may sound OP at first, but consider that it would take 1088 (17 stacks of) pieces of wood to make one diamond in this way, slightly more then the total number of plant material currently needed, and 2901.3 (45.3 stacks) of other plant material, which should be reduced... buuuut, the plantballs to charcoal ratio above already provides over TWICE as much EU per plant versus biofuel cans... Maybe if it instead directly gave charcoal dust, it could be a higher plants to charcoal ratio?

    Also, if you really wanted to be a hippie sustainability advocate, you could also add recipes which allow you to use more charcoal/coal to replace flint and bricks/iron/obsidian in the later steps.

    Although, I would personally say to reduce the number of charcoal given by a plantball down to just 1 per plantball, and probably reduce the total charcoal required a bit.

  • maybe do wood + macerator => wood pulp (or sawdust for compatibility to other things) then have a woodpulp/sawdust => plantball recipe similar to the other plantball recipes, then could balance the number of pulp to number of plantballs.

  • I think it would be better to make wood into plantballs instead of plantwalls into charcoal

    That does sound like a better idea...

    I suppose a lazy way to do it is to simply make 8 sticks = 1 plantball, or you could use the forge cross-mod compatible sawdust suggestion above.

  • i think i'm going to make wood macerateable into wood fibers
    wood fibers will be craftable into plantballs

    that might be too easy because you get about 5 wood from a small tree. thats a small tree. if you get a tree farm running then its really easy (too easy)
    maybe 3 logs to make 1 log pile which you macerate into tree fiber lump. you need 4 log piles to make 1 tree fiber lump then you put 5 tree fiber lumps in an extractor to make one tree fiber. 4 tree fibers make 1 plantball