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    Not sure if this has been suggested before or not, but it would be nice to be able to manually set every replicator recipe instead of having to rely on the automatic algorithm. It would also be nice to be able to manually set not just the item being replicated and the UUM cost, but also the EU cost of the recipe, if possible.

    I suggest a fluid/solid canner in fluid enrich mode, using soul sand, water, and maybe redstone to produce some fraction of a bucket of liquid oil, as well as a block of sand. Oil can then be processed in the fluid/solid canner with redstone to make fuel.

    Alternatively, the above process could use biogas instead of water for initial enrichment, making the process essentially an upgrade to biogas at the cost of a mostly non-renewable resource.

    Coal fuel could also be added back as a conversion of coal dust to oil in the same way as above.

    Add a tank to the replicator, and make it so the scanner can scan fluid containers to get the fluid itself on memory. Then, of course, allow the replication of fluids.

    Since wires can be covered in C-Foam, and the new hardened stone is made with iron scaffold+C-Foam, what about a way to combine a cable with iron scaffolds, so you can make highly blast resistant cables? This would be especially useful for nuclear reactors, and I'm sure there are plenty of other uses.

    Basically Coal, Diamond, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald and Nether Quartz. It just makes sense, and it gives more use for the Iridium Drill's silk touch mode.

    Suggested yields; All give 2 Crushed Ore of their respective type.

    For coal, the washer yield could be either a tiny sulfur dust in addition to clean crushed ore, or two tiny coal dusts. Thermal Centrifuge yield would be the other thing.

    Diamond could just be tiny diamond or normal coal dust, either one in either washer or centrifuge. Or centrifuging could just give a straight diamond, instead of dust.

    Redstone, I'm not sure what it should yield as a by-product. Either sulfer, silicon dioxide, or lithium seem like fine candidates. Or just more redstone, or possibly iron. It should also be noted that the ore yields an average of 4.5 dust per ore without fortune, so 8-10 total redstone yield per macerated ore would be a good yield.

    Nether quartz could, obviously, give lithium as a byproduct.


    Also, since smelting the crushed ores wouldn't make sense, but you may want to not process them through the ore washer or centrifuge, you could just send it through the macerator again for no byproducts, but still double yield.

    That would be possible, but it wouldn't make any sense. Just imagine you want to fill your BatBox with two solar panels connected through a cable. This cable would get lit on fire then, becausethere are two packets of Energy going through. This would basically make the whole system useless.

    Well, what about limiting based on total EU flowing through, then? So that basically all packets get merged into one, and if that packet is too big, fire.

    Also, what is the power loss rate of cables? Are they the same as listed on the wiki here: http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…le=Cable#Cable_Efficiency ?
    If so, I think I may have found a bug...
    I have a windmill + kinetic generator feeding into a MV transformer set to always step down, and oriented properly. I have a long insulated copper cable (more then 64 cables, but not more then 96) leading into a CESU at ground level, and it's not receieving any power at all. When I put the CESU next to the transformer, however, it works perfectly.

    So, I know I've never really been on Kirara, but recently I've been playing around with various magic mods and one of them seems like a surprisingly balanced one that you guys might like; Automagy.

    Automagy is a Thaumcraft add-on, which adds various things primarily for logistics. For example, the very first research in the mod is a form of redstone wire, and there are a few redstone things like timers, comparators that can read from a few blocks away, and a form of redstone that can travel through magic mirrors. Additionally, it adds a lot of item management things, such as a way to detect specific items in nearby inventories, and convert that into a redstone signal, a way to turn off golems in an area rather then just on one block, and a way to set up golems so you can make manual requests for them to put items from their attached chests into a specific inventory. They also add a tank, and I think a way to manage fluids, though I haven't done anything with that.

    The only thing that comes to mind (that I've discovered so far, which I believe I have discovered most of the mod) that can be seen as particularly OP, is this one (somewhat advanced) construction that allows you to create nether blocks (netherrack, lava, soul sand, and nether quartz) from their component essentia. I'd assume that could probably be removed with Modtweaker.

    At the moment, the HU to EU conversion rate for Stirling Generators is 2:1, which is equivalent to a regular-steam turbine set up. Considering the greater cost and engineering challenge associated with setting up a steam turbine, even just a regular steam one, the turbine should output at a better ratio then the stirling generator, so that there is a trade-off between the two and one can seriously consider whether they want to go through the effort of making a steam turbine for maximum efficiency or just go with a stirling gen for less efficiency but compactness and ease of set-up.

    Therefore, I reccomend decreasing the Stirling Generator's HU to EU ratio to either 3:1, or 2.5:1.

    So, with the introduction of the kinetic windmill, and the in-progress addition of the kinetic watermill, it feels like solar panels should also get a similar overhaul to remain useful. Are there any plans for this? If not, I would suggest adding a solar boiler tower, which produces HU and is scale-able. (And preferably also without laggy tile entity spam)

    EDIT: Thinking about this a bit, I figured I'd post some more specifics for my own ideas of the above. I know none of this is probably particularly new or creative but this kinda thing doesn't really need to be innovative anyway, so;

    The tower would be based on two separate blocks, solar mirrors (which would just be dumb blocks that don't do anything by themselves) and solar towers, which do the calculations. Tower blocks are intended to be stacked on top of eachother, and the height of the tower determines how many blocks away the tower will search for mirrors, with every additional tower block increasing the radius by one. Additionally, these towers can be set to either output up or down, with every tower block in the tower having to face the same direction in order for it to work. This, of course, determines if the tower outputs HU from the top or the bottom.
    Every mirror found by the tower increases the amount of HU produced by the tower during the day by two to four, depending on which the IC2 team deems more balanced, with a possible buff in output if the tower/mirror is in a desert biome. There could also be a gradual warm-up and cool-down period at the beginning and end of the day. It should, of course, also do occasional checks on each mirror block, to determine whether that mirror is blocked by an opaque block or not, and invalidate that mirror if it is.

    Does vanilla gregtech have a way to process plantballs into something like biogas? If not, it would be a nice thing to have.

    Also, I had an idea for wood pulp/glue; plywood, which can be made by combining glue and wood pulp in a machine, possibly with wood plates, and can be placed in the world as a cheap building material, possibly with other benefits.
    Also, if it's not already possible, it would be nice to be able to process wood pulp into either ashes or carbon, even inefficiently. Same for rubber, and possibly plastic.