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    Oh, easily. All it is is some Crystalised Aluminium (III) Oxide and some Copper/Chrome Oxide traces. Mix Aluminium and Chrome/Copper Dust together (95% Aluminium) Melt in a very hot furnace, Cool in a SingleCrystal form. Done. Sapphires are Aluminium (III) Oxide and Trace Iron, titanium or magnesium.

    I think a few pages ago I made a suggestion about how to go about doing this.

    you mentioned you have plans on implementing lasers, What lasing medium do you plan on using? I suggest using FEL based lasers, as then you can have them very widely tunable, and they will make more sense when associated with your particle accelerators you plan on adding.

    I'm not sure you understood me 100%, but what I meant is that since SC lock themselves in space when in a magnetic field, without giving a f*** about gravity, you can actually connect the magnet to the SC itself to make a self-locking mechanism that can move freely. All you have to worry about is cooling the SC, supplying energy to the magnets and make sure the SC is heavy enough to lock the magnet and anything attached. I think that SC lock themselves and everything connected at a specific force (in newtons) related to their mass, and that force must be greater than anything applied to it (that means gravity or manually moving) to not rearrange the fluxons.

    They do care about gravity, if the magnetic field is too weak, or the mass to high, they will not float. The floating effect is just that miessner effect i linked. It is simply the superconductor resisting a change in magnetic flux, due to screening effects of surface currents, plus some extra effects due to QM and the fact that the electrons are a superfluid.

    suggestion: Laser based wireless power transmission (credit for idea goes to kenken, I had entirely forgotten that I made this spreadsheet a while ago)

    Have a transmission block be a multi block structure which is essentially a large free electron laser (FEL), which operates in the microwave spectrum (to allow for highly efficient, high powered mirrors, reducing the needed length of the FEL). These can be made practically with about 40% energy efficiency, though refinements in technology can probably increase that to closer to 60-90%.

    Then have an aiming block, which is basically a mirror to re-direct the beam in the direction of the receiving block.

    The receiver then receives a certain amount of power, based on the distance to it, and based on the specific frequency of the FEL (which is changed based on what undulator is used).

    Here is a graph of power received / distance transmitted, along with all the needed calculations: Power Profile

    Extension to suggestion:

    Satellites which can reflect the laser back down to a target. Have something that you launch, which deploys a mirror entity thing at about 2k blocks above the ground which reflects the beam back down at the chosen target, allowing for transmission over mountain ranges. This could also probably be used as a weapon as well as power transmission. To do this would require a beam which does not exceed a certain width by the time it gets 2k blocks, the mirror on the sat can be focused such that it re-converges the beam on the receiver, for much less than the expected loss.

    Additional Extension:

    Possible upgrades could include:
    4-8 different undulators/wiggler (choose which name you prefer?) in the microwave range (or 1 which has some way to tune it, though somehow more expensive to tune smaller wavelengths?) the more advanced one, the longer the range (see the spreadsheet for specifics, higher energy, longer effective range)
    A gamma undulator, This one allows it to transmit through non-air blocks, but is much much less efficient (can't use standard mirrors for gamma). Maybe also damages things that walk into the path?
    Require the receiver to have an upgrade based on the upgrade in the laser (thinking along the lines of efficiency of reception is based on antenna length, so 1 size fits all won't really be efficient).

    Except that calculating sunlight requires spherical geometry. Anyway, a power transmission system would probably involve lasers, so there would be no spread. The energy loss would be a fixed amount based on the conversion and some slight increase based on the properties of the substance transferred through, (opacity, density, ect.) anyway, a mostly fixed loss would be useful for this sort of purpose, so that it becomes a reasonable alternative at extreme range, but very impractical over relatively short distances.

    at extreme ranges lasers do have spread, usually a few mili-radians or so.

    The systems which I have seen studied for long range power transmission all used microwaves, which will have a small, but not negligible spread. The main reason why I suggested this method was that it gives a simple calculation for adding in a loss, It also somewhat conforms to the difficulty in collecting energy from a laser or microwave system.

    If I was suggesting a laser based system, I would have added in the equations for working out the power based on a Gaussian beam distribution, and used that to calculate the amount of distance based loss, which can be found here: laser profile (updated to now be numbers for minecraft, rather than needing 200km range on the laser)

    I guess you could use the above system as well, Have it draw a line from the source to the target, Identify the first receiver on the way, then use the calculations in that spreadsheet to work out the received power. You could then have the transmitter be a FEL with the "upgrades" being undulators for the beam

    Yup, i dont get why people say they dont have mass becuase they do, just so small there is no measurable reading for it ^^

    Photons must have exactly 0 rest mass if they go at the speed of light. This is why neutrinos do not go at the speed of light, as they have mass (they go almost the speed of light, as their mass is very, very tiny). If something has mass, It cannot go at c.

    They have momentum, and might have "gravitational mass", which is too small to measure, but they do not have inertial mass (i.e. they do not interact via the Higgs field), which is what is generally referred to as mass.

    Because we have ofcourse no Idea how Gravity even works at all. Well, except for the attracting part.

    I have thought about quite a few ways how Gravity could work in particular, and all these Models I thought of made gravity manipulation impossible to do with any Technology. According to my Model, it is just a large Energy field, compressing matter together by fusing gravity Fields of "Mass having particles" together, making it larger, and so more attractive. But that's only what I thought about, a while ago about physics.

    And according to that Model, "Forwards Time Travel" is just the IRL-Variant of local Lag.

    one thing to consider: even particles with no mass are affected by gravity, Photons are affected.

    The most successful model of gravity (General Relativity) models it by mostly ignoring "How" it works, and describing acceleration instead. There are other models which describe it as an effect of the electromagnetic force, but those require additional microscopic dimensions.

    From what I learned in this video, the SC will lock the fluxons inside it in place when in a magnetic field and can spin around the center of the field. So my theory is that you can connect the magnet to the SC itself so it will lock itself in space.
    You can manipulate how the magnets work to make the SC move and ultimately everything move. If the SC disc is thick enough it can probably hold up a spaceship or something.
    There you go, quantum gravitational engine! :D

    Odd that they are not using the standard name for it, which is the Meissner effect . In type II superconductors, This effect is not complete (see, and causes the flux vortices at the surface which allow it to maintain its superconducting properties at higher field strengths, Even without these vortices, it would still levitate. to move the superconductor around, all you need to do is create a field geometry which forms something like an ocean wave, and then the superconductor will be pushed, in the same way that a boat is pushed by the wave.

    This technically is not a gravitation engine, as there is no modification to gravity at all. A true gravitation engine will affect gravity itself, which we have no idea as how to do that.

    but iron boots would make you stick to it, and be unable to move...

    Off topic from SC-magnets:


    <Insert same thing I posted in the extra energy storage thread here, I know greg has seen it>

    If The Extra Energy Storage guy doesn't manage to work out the stuff I linked there, will you consider adding it to GregTech?

    Still, hovering on self-locking SC-magnet combos is badass.

    Edit: Started a new page 2nd time in a row, lol

    Superconductors levitate for a similar reason to water (the free electrons have the same effect as the non-valence electron pairs in water, resistance usually dampens it, superconductors lack that), but some more complicated stuff going on as well.

    Superconductor boots should make you float above magnetizers, without the need of the iron fencing.

    Not to mention that too strong magnetic Forces like the Strawberry Magnet you are talking about (I know about that thing) are damaging the Blood, as Iron is used to transfer O2 to where its needed.

    It is nothing to do with traces of iron, it is the water itself. Water is diamagetic, which means it will repel any applied magnetic field. This effect is absurdly weak and requires those very large magnetic fields. The iron in blood is not ferromagnetic like bulk iron, as ferromagnetism is a bulk phenomenon, and only occurs with above a certain number of particles in a certain configuration. The iron contained in blood is single iron atoms inside an organic latice, and is no longer able to form a ferromagnetic structure.

    This means that there will be little to no effect on a human floating in the field, as it will repel the blood approximately equally to the rest of the body. In extreme field cases, then you will get problems, though it is due to different tissues being affect differently (more water, more force), but this will only occur once you get to the kT or MT range, which is well above the amount needed to float.

    Yeah, the problem is that MC can't differentiate ocean water, lake water/rain water and extracted water..

    EDIT: Or you could make it like oil (new world gen to minecraft), so this special ocean water is not the common MC infinite water, and after extracting this special water, you get normal MC water.

    Just have it require more than a certain volume of water in a pool below it, say require a 64k water blocks within 64 blocks of the machine, then not consume the water, and restrict it to an ocean biome. It is not like you are going to use up an entire ocean biome worth of water anyway, so let it be "infinite", and placing 64k water blocks with a RP pump will take some time, probably more than relocating to an ocean.

    It still would require a very large input of energy. so you are essentially converting energy to resources. not quite like UUM, since it only works for a few things and takes a long time.

    Actually, can be set such that it uses practically no energy, just uses a lot of water (the RL system will use minor amounts of energy for dealing with the fibres, but besides that, just requires the fibres to be soaking in sea water). This is more like a self powered scrap-box factory, it turns time into a few resources.

    @infinite water:

    The whole idea of the concept is to make things like uranium and lithium renewable (but requiring a large factory), so infinite water isn't a problem for them, though having it required to be in/over a large body of water in an ocean biome would make it more realistic.

    Materials in minecraft are essentially infinite anyway (some exceptions, dragon egg), so that should not be a major concern, unless it significantly buffs the rate at which you get them.