[1.23] EnergyNet Issue

  • Hey guys, I can't reliably duplicate this issue, but it causes that lovely saving chunks crash quite often for me.

    EDIT: And now, after replacing the MFSU's with MFEs, still crashed, then I removed the solar panels all together, and I get this...

    Basically, it seems the EnergyNet function is uber borked....unless there is some serious residual junk from 1.15 to 1.23....

  • This issue is known and related to some... inconveniences in 1.8's chunk loading behavior.
    We exspect this to be fixed by Mojang in 1.9. Otherwise we will have to code a fix for that version later on.

  • Thanks, for now I just disconnected all my damned solars....making energy generation....interesting, especially since I am using IC energy to power my quarries, them puppies gobble energy like MC gobbles ram:P