Suggetion: fibre recipe

  • I would like to be able to substitute the diamond in the fiber cable recipes for an ender pearl (later to be eye of ender) and instead of the usual 4, get 1 cable instead (since ender pearls are easy to get :/)

    keep in mind that it would leave the regular recipes intact.

    EDIT: yep, overly cheap, how about replacing all the glass in a fibre recipe (leaving the diamond) would yield 1 extra cable? so 1diamond+2redstone+6pearls=5cables.

    EDIT2: okay, I enlarged the roof of my mod-farm to allow ender spawning, and I see your point on how many pearls you end up with, but w/ 6pearls=1cable while still having to use up a diamond... I see no problem there.

  • way too overpowered, you can have stacks on stacks on stacks of them using proper mobfarms

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  • Honestly I don't see why the silver Fiber cable recipe replaces the redstone with silver from RP, Maybe it's just me but that seems like a bum deal. Maybe something like 3 silver for 2 cables would actually be worth doing but as it stands i'll never use that recipe.