[Addon v1.106]PortableTeleporterv2.1.1

  • I know the correct version to use for Minecraft Forge and so do many others, but you may get some people that get confused. You have put MinecraftForge 1.2.1 (& MinecraftForgeServer 1.2.1), but the current version for both is 1.1.2 not 1.2.1. Simple mistake i know but just letting you know :).

    Great addon, will use it one I have been playing my current world for a bit longer, 1 mil EU each teleport is a bit much for me right now, I only have 1 MFE in total!

  • Major bug. It seems like the second someone binds their teleporter elsewhere that all them link to it. So its per server not per player it binds as lol.

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  • when click the right mouse button. from scratch or to teleport ....

    What to do?

  • that's caused by you forgeting to copy the sz.class file into minecraft.jar, or it being overridden by another mod that uses the sz.class

    if your problem is the first case correction is easy, if it's the second then the two mods are incompatible (plz give me the mod name and i will ask the creator if i can make a compatibility file)

  • copy your file (sz.class) in minecraft.jar
    but I still install forge 1.1.2 CBE patches-client (http://www.minecraftforum.net/…94-181chicken-bones-mods/) and OptiFine. whether they are compatible?
    I can not copy here ModLoader.txt :(
    may have to do with compatibility forge 1.1.2 CBE patches-client
    but teleport to the server and client are working well:) check the compatibility
    and the server's console, this message

    Is this normal?

  • No that's not normal... it still can't find xpos....

    try installing modloader, modloadermp, minecraftforge, IC2, and portableteleporters on a clean minecraft.jar

    if it works then it's a compatibility issue

    also you could try looking in the .zip file for that mod and seeing if there is a sz.class file, if so the definitly a compat issue

  • to forge 1.1.2 CBE patches-server also has a file of your mod
    Now check all
    yes you're right thing but may fp.class if I use the files from your mod to forge 1.1.2 CBE patches-server will be some bugs .. anything related Check it or make compatibility with forge 1.1.2 CBE patches-server and 1.1 .2 CBE patches-client. thanks for the help)

  • I have an idea on how you could edit this to work with infinite frequencies- make it instantly drain 1kk EU from MFSU's when put in them. Also make it use 2 item id's. Metadata id is for frequency, when used it switches to the uncharged id. When it drains 1kk EU from MFSU, it switches back to charged ID. And it keeps the metadata value.


    It has become a little stubbly. Implement facial hair growth in IC²? Vision continuously grows more furry until you shave. (approx once every 2 minecraft days ;P)

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  • that wouldn't work because all of one item has the same instance variables, ei it thinks that every portableteleporter is one item so that would be like version 1.00, the way that it works now is that it store the coords on the player not the item, i could have an infinite number of PT colors but i choose 3 for simplicity and to not make it too OP

  • I have not tried the new version but wait did you take a shortcut and make it so all the players can force everyones green dye bind for example to go same spot err if that makes sense. For example I want my own personal bind to my teleporter would other people be able to go to it?

    Also no config that really blows. I think I will be dropping support for this now anyways because 1 it was pretty cheap having 3 that's just beyond over powered. It was more suppose to be a /back feature more then anything. I guess SMP Servers think differently hehe.

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  • Why not have the transporter use the energy directly from the MFSU? I'm thinking Star Trek style. The handheld part is just a coordinates and activation piece.

  • Kane Hart: the coords are now stored on your guy so other poeple cannot teleport to your TP link, as to the config, Ik sry I couldn't get it to work and I thought that fixing the major link bug was more important. However I can quickly make a new version that allows you to disable two of the teleporters. (the problem with the other config was that it wouldn't work if I tried to use the variables outside of the main class file)

    thorbo: good idea but I think using teleporters is better for 2 reasons:

    #1: it makes sense to use a teleporter, because you link 2 teleporters together not a teleporter to a battery

    #2: it somewhat reduces the OP-ness of the portableteleporter because then you have to get a teleporter for it to work

  • Fair enough :).

    I just made my first portable teleporter. I went to link it to my regular teleporter and it crashed with no crash log. I'm on SMP using the latest version of IC2 and this mod. Hopefully I just did something wrong. I did charge it first before linking it. It also depleted when I used it so I tried linking it again and it crashed again with no crash log.

  • ok, no crash log is standard on MC, luckily modloader makes one for you

    how you get to it is by finding modloader.txt in the minecraft folder, I need that to say anything for certain, however I suspect that your problem is that you forgot to add into minecraft_server.jar the sz.class file, or you have a mod that overwrited it because it was installed after my addon was.

  • Yeah I didn't do anything with a sz.class file. The only instructions I followed were in the op. Am I suppose to take the sz.class file from the client minecraft.jar and put it in the minecraft server jar?


    Nevermind the client does have the sz.class file. I just put the zip in the mods folder to install. The modloader.txt file doesn't have any information about the crash either.