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    We are having the same issue with the latest version:

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 7	at ic2.advancedmachines.TileEntityAdvancedMachine.setOverclockRates(	at ic2.advancedmachines.TileEntityAdvancedMachine.injectEnergy(	at ic2.common.EnergyNet.emitEnergyFrom(	at ic2.common.TileEntityElectricBlock.l_(	at fq.f(	at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(	at	at 16:42:48 [INFO] Stopping server

    I don't mean to interrupt here, but if you have 1 6 windmills each making 2 eu/t you're going to have 32 eu/t f you measure it before it his a batbox/mfe/mfs or any of the converters. However if you run this into a mfe or mv converter and have it output 512 ticks you can read 500 from the mfe or mv convert, but that won't be per tick. It will take multiple ticks to reach the 500 eu before the mfe or mv converter sends the tick out. So saying 16 windmils makes even "up to 500 eu/tick" isn't accurate. You may be able to get an accturate reading however by takign a reading and then letting a few thousand ticks to by and then taking the reading again, but to get the best reading you should do it before it hits anything that stores or converts the eus.

    There are two play styles here that are coming into conflict.

    1. The causal player. The casual player runs around collecting his resources and it takes him a while to create enough solar panels to run his base. These are the majority of players! Solars are balanced for the vast majority of players. You get .5 eu/t over a day. This is more than reasonable for the cost for the average player. Increase the cost to high and the average player may become discouraged as this is the only maintenance free method of power generation that isn't essentially useless (no one uses wind or water, maybe they should get BUFFED).

    2. The hardcore player. The hardcore player will exploit the weakest link no matter what. xkillerbeez might think thousands of solars running mas fab is OP, but so what. Those are the hardcore players who will just find the next weakest link and then exploit that. Maybe you'll have massive quarries feeding an auto nuke plant or something like that. The point is nerfing solars to appease one server full of hardcore players may end up ruining the experience for the majority of us players who don't live on this game 24 hrs a day pumping out solar panels.

    At the very least I would say make the power generated by solars CONFIGURABLE. That way the player or server owner can set how powerful solars are rather than a blanket nerf for everyone.

    Edit: Just noticed Al's post above me. Yes, configurable generator values would be ideal.

    It was perfect in IC. It was more expensive than the mining drill and 10x more useful. I'd personally like to see it go back to the way it was. Who cares if it made an awesome weapon? That just meant you used up energy you could have spent mining. I doubt Al will make the chance himself, but this would make a great mod for someone to create. I'd say the current mining laser needs at least 4x the energy storage it currently has, possibly as high as 8x.

    I've already created something like this with a complex system of redstone and bc pipes. All I have to do is pull a lever and it starts making whatever item I want, but this would be much better. Without bc 3 I can't let it just run. I have to stay close to the chests to make sure I don't run out of item X which would then start to waste resources.

    So :Industrial Diamond: for this idea!

    I'll try again in a bit and report back. Actually I just used one I know for a fact was linked to the teleporter and it still teleported me into the abyss. Distance issue maybe?

    Also, the teleporter is hooked to another actual teleporter. Uses the actual teleporter in between using the portable teleporter wouldn't' cause any issues would it?

    This is just a feature request.

    I'd like the ability to have a "ghost chest". It would be a special chest that would be linked to another regular chest. The ghost chest would be able to be opened and observe the regular chest, but would not be able to add or remove items. There are a lot of situations this would come in handy for when you have a nice complicated system setup and you don't want to run all the way to wherever to make sure things are running correctly. Or maybe you just want to see how much matter you've generated without running all the way to your mass fab. The applications are endless.

    So I've been having a good time playing around with my portable teleporter, but grew tired of waiting for a single one to recharge. So what I did was made a second one and linked it to the same teleporter so that when I teleported back I could just take the spare that has been charging while I was out and about. This apparently unlinks the first portable teleporter because it now teleports me into the abyss link it is unlinked. Could we get the option to link more than one portable teleporter to the same teleporter?

    I tried reinstalling it again. This time I actually deleted the fp.class file out of the jar and then copied the new one in. I'm using 7-zip as my archive manager. It may not have actually overwritten the file since it already existed. Deleting the file and then copying the new one in seems to have resolved the issue. This is great!