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    Standing in the water while electrocuting fish sounds like a bad idea...

    It's a bug. I have no idea why it's happening, given the fact that my clicking-on-water code is practically the same as for the bucket...

    I've tweaked some of the numbers:
    Regular Rod gives 0-6 fish for 10k eu.
    Advanced Rod gives 0-8 fish for 10k eu.

    I tried to add a delay, but it just locked up the item's usage.

    Edit: I might also add config files for these values later.

    All the teleporters really need is a better way to link two together. I use them all the time, they are a stupidly cheap and fast way to teleport around.
    3000 blocks with a full inventory only just drains an MFSU

    2000 blocks with a full inventory and 4 pieces of armor is 10 million EU. Quite expensive when you think about it, given the fact that with a qsuit, you can go 2k blocks in 1-2 minutes and for 50k eu.
    If you think that teleporters are well balanced, then you should make the qsuit slower and take 100 times as much power to sprint/jump. AKA draining the suit in 2-3 minutes of sprinting. Because ATM, I'd rather not spend 10 million EU for 2 minutes of travel.

    This mod is now maintained by Zuxelus here: [1.7.10] Ztech - Collection of AddonsA complete rewrite of the old Electric Fishing Rod addon from version 1.90. In this version, there are two types, a low tier one that can hold 100k eu, and an advanced one that can hold 1 million eu. The advanced one also charges considerably faster. It takes 5000 eu to use, and will pull up a fair number of fish by first zapping them with a teslacoil, and then dragging them back in with the magnetizer. Fish are actually highly magnetic, due to the high concentrations of metals contained in most mobs in Minecraftia. Please note that hitting anything alive with an electric fishing rod will cause a short circuit, dealing heavy damage to you and even heavier damage to whatever you hit. The advanced circuitry used in the advanced fishing rod concentrates that damage more towards your enemy and less towards you, however, if you hit anything with either rod, you will void your warranty.

    Imgur is being silly. Use NEI for the moment. It's an energy crystal, teslacoil, and a magnetizer for the regular (diagonally from lower left to right, in that order) and a shapeless electric rod, lapotron, advanced circuit for the advanced one.

    2.0.2: The fishing rods actually cook the fish now. Also, changed the fishing rods to use twice as much EU, and the regular one only gives 0-6 fish as opposed to 0-8
    2.0.1: The fishing rods now cook the fish as they electrocute them.

    Known bugs:
    In order to use it to fish, you have to be standing in the water, and right clicking water blocks less than a block away from you. Otherwise, it won't work.


    Thats why "compact windmill" addon is there.
    I've never seen it on pending addons first, but thats not something i will be bothered as it is a good addon.

    However, if you look on page 2 of addons, there is some random addon-discussion that's not even addons in addons-main. That is what is bothering me.

    Because solars are blackish blue and coal dust is black.

    Well, this was actually meant as a way to make vanilla IC2 generators actually a viable option against the steam boiler, without trying to outclass it. I just think it's a shame that generators are seen as nothing more then a stepping stone to other forms of power...

    I agree. Generators seem to be rather underpowered, to the point where I usually go into the configs and set their power output to 32 eu/t to balance them out. At that point, it's actually quite feasible to power a base on generators, as opposed to any other form of powergen.

    You can also pipe in new cells through the same pipe by using diamond pipes.

    I have an error when trying to make anycomboarmor(in thi case upgrade solar helmet)

    if this is my fauls somehow please tellme how to fix it

    Appears that the mod is incorrectly implemeting IElectricItem. Not your fault. Although, it might be caused by your java version. Try using Java 6 and see if you get the same error.

    Offtopic: Hey, another polish person playing IC2.

    Edit: The mod has the same recipe as MFFS, the upgrade modules have the same recipe as the secure storage.

    I'm having trouble following greg's instructions. It always gives me this error: "ERROR: duplicate entry: net/minecraft/client/gui/achievement/GuiAchievements.class" and I don't know what I should do to fix it.