Need Advice: Wiring up a Teleporter room?

  • So what is the best way to wire up a teleporter room. The biggest downside to IC is that you must have it beside a MFSU. So I wanted to make a dedicated teleporter room with MFSU's I guess.

    MFSU= :MFS-Unit:
    Teleporter = :Teleporter:
    Button = :Refined Iron:

    :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit:
    ....:Refined Iron:.....:Refined Iron:.....:Refined Iron:

    This would be a top view. Would this be the more effiecnt way of doing it? You get at least to share at least the MFSU's etc..

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  • :Refined Iron: ... :Refined Iron:
    :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter:
    :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Refined Iron:
    :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter:
    :Refined Iron: ... :Refined Iron:

    More MFSU sharing, the middle teleporter would be the "main" one as it would get power from 4 MFSUs, the others would be secondaries as they would only be connected to 2 MFSUs each.

    I haven't actually used teleporters myself so I'm not sure where the redstone signal has to go, middle button may need to be moved.

  • The redstone signal need only reach the block of the teleporter. This is easy enough to do even with normal redstone.