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    If you put your miner next to your reactor that's just... craziness; you deserve it messing up.

    As for the sided inventory thing, this really makes me wonder. Why can't RP2 tubes just implement a single slot 'inventory' universal receiver to allow them to act as chest targets for anything that deposits generic items? This would also work for BC tubes. Suddenly the input to either routing system would be a basic Forge interface, as would the output. Mods would not need to care what they were interacting with it or how that operated. Though this doesn't solve fluids; some other system for moving that around would be needed too (but something similar just accepting cubic centimeters or cubic millimeters of fluid per 'deposit' sounds like a good start to me).

    I think there might be an issue with any of the 'unmovable' (Pistons/RP2 frames won't move them) IC2 machines (Personal safe is one, the trade-o-mat is probably another) related to updates to the iEntityHandler interface in Forge. RichardG has already stated he was aware of the cause of the Personal Safe issue, and I presume that resolving it will also resolve this.

    Iridium + Uranium + misc = H-bomb

    The H-bomb would be more destructive, so destructive that it wouldn't drop any item blocks at all.

    Setting off an H-bomb should cause several times, maybe a full order of magnitude more, damage strength than a normal nuke. It should also set -anything- flammable that's within 2-4x that radius on fire.

    I'll have to test this again in 1.2.3, but using my design in this: http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=5236 For what should be either 3.5 or 3.6 seconds of redstone signal off I see 3 seconds of produced power; but at either 4 or 4.1 seconds (earlier in the video) I saw a positive thermal co-efficient instead of a slightly negative one as the numbers indicate should exist; I unfortunately did not examine the power produced during that event as the reactor was shut-off by a minor bug in the output when partly full MFSU setting.

    I wonder:
    a) what the startup delay between redstone off and reactor is (or if it simply checks once per second at a specific offset).
    b) How many cycles of thermal rise are associated with the pulse of 'off' including regions during which no power is consumed.
    c) If any fuel is used during the non-power production time periods.

    I know already how I plan to setup test cases for B when I finally have time; that's easy enough with the correct setup. A is more difficult; however sufficient observation should lead to workable conclusions. C is fairly difficult to measure without examining probably NBT tags in inventory... which is likely the easiest way of looking at it, but that's going to be annoying.

    If anyone wants to investigate these before I again have some time in about 3 weeks please do so.

    I'll just copy/paste the entire youtube description here, plus add this link:


    Brief intro to lossless wrench mode; though I forgot to say that there are some items with 0% loss rate which you aren't charged the lossless use fee for; miners/pumps, transformers, storage units if I recall correctly.

    The main star of this however is the gated IC2 nuclear reactor. Controlled by carefully timed redstone signaling, it stays cool while pumping out 460 eU/t for about 4 seconds out of 64; in other words about 28.75 eU/t average. This is perfect for running a fully upgraded miner (assuming you have correct transmission lines or your server admin was nice enough to enable lapotronic discharge in the miners).

    Resource links:
    An old thread with my various gated reactor designs:

    The updated design of the one in question:
    http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…iarcz57ql1hfhysbbbjj7nb5s ( 2yu54svy3ges5q7pt6dh3l3iarcz57ql1hfhysbbbjj7nb5s )

    Redstone circuit diagram that I started with:

    Also, sorry the re-dubbing sounds different. I should have been more careful while recording/mastering it but the over-dub effect oddly fits as well. ;)

    Iron Chests shouldn't need to be locked. Maybe you want to take advantage of their benefits over a wooden chest (opening even inside walls, taking up less space, creeper-proof). Maybe you want to deposit things in to them, or maybe you just want to share with everyone on the server from a receptacle that can only be removed by you or an operator.

    Please add an 'Unlock' / 'Lock' button to the Iron Chests so this can be an option.

    There is no best answer; however I tend to prefer looking for interactions between the mods I have installed and abusing them to either provide free energy or amplify energy in one by using it to enhance the efficiency of another.

    For SSP I've more or less realized that the easiest path (with mods now installed) is either abusing RP2 + watermills OR geogens and fabricating fuel via EE.

    Buildcraft pumps + geogens sounds like a good option if you know you have it; but it doesn't last nearly as long as you want the way I tend to mine... at least not without pumping the nether instead (which you then need to generate over there and take back in energy crystals one way or another).

    How would you know they're the only thing that isn't working if you can't craft a generator to get further?

    Short version: check all of your versions and re-download whatever you have a problem with in the modloader log file.

    The Seed Bank (chest)

    It should have a hotbar (chest like area) to drop new seedbags in to via shift click.
    It should have a list of seed banks (plant name, status as the key) which has a sub-compartment of stored seeds matching that value.
    A button to cause it to compact the list (cleanup unused slots shifting everything down)

    It _MAY_ also give additional info or be powered from the grid to auto-analyze deposited seeds.

    I've confirmed that items in the hotbar which are clean are tainted when the crop scanner is used; it does not even have to process a crop; merely opening the scanner seems to be sufficient.

    The check for 'bad' crops should probably only trigger when one is dropped in to the input of the scanner, and should require it to match the ID of a seed bag.