[Addon v1.112]AdvGenerators²v3.3.0-New Toys!!!

  • I'm curious. What are your plans for the advanced generators? Are they just gonna be really expensive versions that produce tons more energy? (Like the OP Advanced solars) Or is there going to be something more complext like the wood gasificator which looks really cool?

  • Are you planning on having an ADV solar, like the other guy, because it would be nice. You seem to be more active currently. With SMP support It would be much easier for everyone who runs thier own server. Having one install to add all the adv generators and your future endevores would be very useful.

    English, language, etc

  • AdvMinerSides.png

    Is missing from the latest client package, makes the client crash on startup. Can be fixed by puting a 16x16 png file named AdvMinerSides.png into gui\mod_IC2_AdvGenerators\ in AdvGeneratorspr3.zip.

  • I'm curious about what your 'adv geogenerator' is going to be. You referred to your main thread for information about it but I didn't find anything there that seemed to talk about it.

  • If a right-click Wood Gasificator:

    If a right-click Electric Wood Gasificator

    in SMP client
    in SSP all the good
    even reinstalled everything on the server and client
    2ModLoaderMp 1.8.1.zip
    and server
    1ModLoaderMp 1.8.1 Server.zip

  • SvEgiiVEteR: what is 8turbomodelthingy?

    PieceMaker: your archiver is having issues, try deleting blockadvminer.class and then copy in the one from the new update

    edit: oops you were right I found where it was asking for it :pinch:

    Sarudak: it is going to be along the lines of this: http://forum.industrial-craft.…ad&postID=14352#post14352

  • That thread ended kinda confused not sure which idea you're going with. Anyway with that I don't see why you need a regular advanced geothermal generator.

  • well the regualar one is going to work off stone and lava like a watermill does with water, that is so different it almost seems like it wouldn't be a geogenerator, maybe more like a liquid generator

  • hmmm..... I hate to say this but Idk how to help..... I can't figure out what that error message means ?( ;(

    Tell me just what and where to install. I will do exactly as you write. but I play with 15 modes and was able to combine all've been playing two months added or updated mods and the client that would work modes. I can not understood what I'm doing wrong. reinstalled everything on a clean server and client but does not help.
    1. write what and where to install?
    2. what version of Java and OS?

  • I think we should have a geo generator that produces energy if it is adjacent to bedrock. Because it's got to be getting warm down there... Realistically you should have to have a water column from the surface to bedrock or something like that.

  • SvEgiiVEteR:

    #1: start with a fresh copy of minecraft.jar and minecraft_server.jar

    #2: correctly install the latest version of IC2 and its prerequisites on both .jar files (and verify that it works)

    #3: drag and drop the files in the latest client version of my addon into minecraft.jar and the latest version of my addon for servers into minecraft_server.jar

    #4: see if it works

    Sarudak: way ahead of you :D I gonna add in a void-electrical-current generator to harvest the high energy currents of the void

  • I was thinking like a dark energy locus but that works too.

    For the advanced wind and water gen I was thinking you could require rare earth metals to make permanent magnets like in real life! Originally I was thinking they should be refined from clay since in the game clay is found underwater and the best rare earth concentrations are in seabeds but then I found out you can make clay in IC2. I think maybe obsidian would be a good source. Or soul sand or netherrack because neither can be easily manufactured in quantity. Anyway you would need a rare earth extractor that would have a low chance of extracting rare earth dust from the input. Rare earth dust would then be combined to make a magnetic alloy blob
    I R I

    The magnetic alloy blob would then have to be put in a compressor with a powered magnetizer behind it (without the magnetizer it produces a dead magnet) to produce a permanent magnet. Then a couple permanent magnets can be added onto a wind gen to double its output or on a watergen to quadruple it's passive output.

    Also is it possible to make a machine that takes a variable amount of time to process it's input depending on what is put into it? Because another of my ideas depends on being able to do that.

  • No it did not help. even downloaded minecraft.jar and minecraft_server.jar with the official site. installed on the client and on all servrer
    2ModLoaderMp 1.8.1.zip
    3minecraftforge-client-1.1.2.zip (download all the links listed on http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2144)
    installed your mod and (minecraft.jar and minecraft_server.jar) and tried all the mods folder in the same errors
    what is your system and OS version and in Java and version "lwjgl"?
    I also checked the version AdvGeneratorspr2, resonant same mistakes ...
    PS I really just do not work?
    because no one else writes about it .... all working modes?

  • SvEgiiVEteR: you did install IC2 right?

    edit: actually I did some research and it appears to be an issue with java, or rather an issue with the wrong version of java, go to the java home page and try updating your java

    Sarudak: good idea but not the compressor with the eletrolyzer, instead you compress it into a dead magnet and then eletrolyze it into a magnet (because then it won't make any compat issues), also I think soulsand would be best because it is not extremely hard to get but also not renewable

    and yes I could make a machine that processes things at different rates