[Addon v1.112]AdvGenerators²v3.3.0-New Toys!!!

  • Advanced Generators²

    This is it. This is the future of AdvGenerators.

    Lol we all have probably seen that line before,
    and know a certain mod that made version two by adding
    a squared symbol to the end of its name
    and now I use it because truly this is a new beginning for advgenerators

    Have you ever wanted to have a way to feed your power hungry machines,

    or run that Mass Fabricator? Or maybe you are short on materials and want a way to get some fast?

    Well now you can!

    With Advanced Generators!!!

    Thanks to chaoschamp for some textures!

    Alternate Texture Packs:

    Sphax by Chocohead: http://bdcraft.net/forum/advgenerators%C2%B2v330


    Slag Generators, Thermal Generators, Turbine Solar Generators, and Slow Grinders

    Wood Gassers, Electric Wood Gassers, and Stone Macerators

    Ocean Current Gens and Wave Gens

    Plasma Tier Items

    Misc. Crafting Items




    Older Versions:


    How to Install:

    Correctly install: Industrialcraft 1.112, and F4113nC0r3 4.0.3 or higher

    Next put .zip file into mods folder (or drag and drop all the files into minecraft.jar)


    Change Log:


    Contest Results are out!

    Before I declare the winners, I would like to thank everyone who participated
    and extend my apologies to everyone who didn't win
    all results were considered as extensively and fairly as I could manage

    and now the winners!

    From DZCreeper and SpwnX, we have the recycler:
    The Slow Grinder will slowly process inputed materials drastically increasing chance to produce scrap
    in addition, the slow grinder will have queue slots and will automatically output scrap to nearby mass fabs

    From I Don't Now, we have the pump:
    The Trace Minerals Pump has a small chance to fill water cells with ore dusts whenever an attatched adv miner drills through ore
    in addition, it will have a tiny chance to fill water cells with a rare mineral (that has not yet been implemented) that has amazing uses whenever an attached miner drills through a block in certain special chunks for the first time

    From I Don't Now, we have the wind mill:
    The Tunnel Wind Mill works best when in specially constructed wind tunnels (more details to come)

    From SpwnX and sliderpro, we have the water generators:
    The Ocean Current Generator produces eu when submerged at the bottom of an ocean
    The Wave Generator produces eu when on the shores of an ocean with increaced output during storms

    Congratulations everyone you did amazing,

    I would also like to mention serveral honorable mentions (for unrelated topics)

    From I Don't Know, we have the Decrafter
    The Decrafter decrafts the objects in its inventory into thier base parts

    From Lefty, we have the dynamo
    The Dynamo produces eu when there is a mob on top of them (think hampster treadmill)

    Good job everyone, it was awesome going through all the wonderful ideas (and so hard to decide on the best ones)

    Definition of WIP:

    Please do not troll/complain about a lack of features/content, this is a work in progress and I will be releasing more content as I go

    Thank you for your patience.

    Hope you like it!!!


  • lol np, I also going to add in a mark II version eventually

    Only thing I can say again Config Files Server owners will love you. Mainly for the Miners for example I don't know if I be happy with the speed increase since I think Crystal alone do a pretty kick ass job. Also again do I have permission to have this mod ported to bukkit and might as well ask here all other mods you make :P

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  • I give you permission to get someone to port BioDiamonds, PortableTeleporters, MoreCompositeArmors, and/or AdvancedGenerators into Bucket on the condition that they have a link in any threads that distribute the modified addons have a link back to the relevent addon threads and/or the F4113b34st's Addons thread

    there you go :D

  • thats rei minimap error log :(

  • that is probably fixable, your problem is either:

    1#: you installed rei's minimap wrong or

    2#: the two mods use the same block id's (in this case open minecraft/config/IC2AG.cfg and change the values)

    edit: you definitly installed rei's minimap wrong (or he has a code bug) because there is no mention of any of my class files in the error log

  • i think when you make the adv geo gen it should be the most expensive adv gen, the geo gen can already make 10E/U per tick,or just make it much more effecient with its fuels to not make OP.Even though if it is really expensive when i get this later on it'll make turning my many geo gens adv difficult :(

  • it's actually not going to be so much a geo generator as a new nuclear generator kindof..... the normal adv geogenerator is going to be what you are thinking of, go look at my main addon thread for what that geo generator is going to be like...... lol, i need a new name for it.......

  • When I run Minecraft with Rei's Minimap and all other mods/addons I run installed it works perfectly, however when I throw in your addon into the mix I get the following error with the minimap:

    When I remove your addon from my mods folder it goes back to working properly, so I know it's not how Rei's Minimap was installed that's causing my particular error ?(

    I'll attach my modloader.txt

  • @lordkabel26: I think your problem is that it is loading my addon before IC2, try one of these:

    #1: install IC2 into minecraft.jar to force it to load first

    #2: move the line "mod_IC2=on" to the top of the list in modloader.cfg

    your problem could also be that rei's minimap changes a mthod that my addon calls.......

    if that's the case it's not nessisarily my mod, more of rei's being anti-mod

    edit: can you give my a list of the files in the rei's minimap.zip? and could i see the config file for it (if it has one)?

    Kane Hart: thanks :D

  • Here's the list of the files

    unfortunately it doesn't appear to have the typical config files most of the other mods I run use.

    EDIT: I just fixed it myself, turns out I have to load the minimap before anything else and it works perfectly.
    Good news all around, means you don't need to work on a compatibility patch, and means I can have your addon and the minimap afterall :D

  • EDIT: I just fixed it myself, turns out I have to load the minimap before anything else and it works perfectly.
    Good news all around, means you don't need to work on a compatibility patch, and means I can have your addon and the minimap afterall :D

    I'm having the same problem here. How did you force rei's to load first? Tried it in the modloader config to no avail.

  • I copy/pasted it up to the top of the modloader list and deleted the original entry, then I ensure it saved, and made a backup copy of the modloader config file just in case it screws up again (which I suspect will happen)

  • Please tell me that your advanced nuclear reactor is a liquid salt reactor! That would make me sooooo happy!