[SMP SERVER] - SANDNMINECRAFT - Buildcraft2, industrialcraft2, redpower2, minefactory, NOLAGG, Bukket - 24/7 - no lag - MC 1.0 [Updated]

  • Technic has redistribution permissions, you guys don't. I'm also concerned about the mods you added.

    We are not out to break any rules here just provide a good place for people to go and play with out worry about if they are going to b e gifted or not. I will be PM's you so we can talk about the issues you have with our server.

  • IGN: Massacrebro
    AGE: 28
    i have a decent amount of experience in ic2/bc/rp2, i have been playing MC for about 4 months now and i love IC2. i am currently on a server with these mods.

    i am looking for a server that doesnt crash all the time and has a good community. i love making new friends and keeping them.