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    You should both be whitelisted. Difficulty is set to normal, mob griefing is off though because it can be used by other players to grief.

    Try using a Buffer Gate or Repeater to collect/transmit the signal.

    That does work, thanks for the suggestion. I would still like to know if this is a known bug/unknown bug/etc. I know it's something that was supposed to have been fixed before, so I don't know if it just got fixed for ssp and not smp, or what's going on with it.

    I cannot seem to get splitter cables to accept redstone current from redpower2 wires. I have tried using redpower2 wire, and jacketed wire. They both appear to connect, however neither will successfully transmit a redstone signal to the cable. Only vanilla redstone seems to work. I have seen as of version 1.90 that this should be fixed, however it either wasn't, or something down the road happened that un-fixed it. I am using redpower 2 PR6, and IC2 1.112 on minecraft 1.4.6 in SMP. I haven't tested this on SSP, but I would assume it works the same as on smp.

    New server. This means less lag when more people join :D It also means a map reset and mod pack change though.

    This is a MindCrack pack v7 server. You need the feed the beast launcher with the MindCrack pack selected to join this server. This server is whitelisted. If you want to be whitelisted you need to reply to this thread with your IGN and age.

    You need to install Charge Pads, TeleportPipes, Advanced Power Management, and SeedManager mods to join this server.

    • Download Charge Pads Here.
    • Download Advanced Power Management Here (Direct Link).
    • Download SeedManager Here.
    • Download TeleportPipes Here (Direct Link).
    • Open Feed The Beast launcher and select MindCrack Pack.
    • Click "Edit Mod Pack" above the list of mod packs.
    • Click "Add Mod" in the bottom right of the window that pops up.
    • Select one of the mod files you downloaded.
    • Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each mod you downloaded.
    • Close the window, you now have all the additional mods installed and can join the server. :D

    Nuclear reactors output steam, not EU. You must put the steam into a steam turbine to get EU.

    Chunk loaders are enabled, however each player is limited to 35 loaded chunks (I may increase or decrease this if necessary). Chunk loaders only work while you are online (this means when you log off, all of your loaded chunks will be unloaded).

    You may claim chunks with the /chunk command. Each player may claim up to 35 chunks.

    I know it seems like a lot of rules, but most of them come down to two basic rules. Do not produce lag. Do not be a dick. Most of the rules are just there to make sure you know of the multiple ways lag is created, and how to avoid it.

    General Behavior:

    • Don't be a dick.
    • Don't create lag. If you do, fix it. Creating lag can get you banned depending on the circumstances.
    • Don't grief. Even if it isn't protected, do not grief. If caught griefing ANYTHING you will be permanently banned.
    • If you wouldn't want someone to do it to you or your server, don't do it to them or their server.
    • As a general rule of thumb, if it could potentially cause someone else grief, don't do it.
    • Enjoy your time on my server, and allow others to enjoy their time as well.
    • Don't ask me to spawn items for you. It is very unlikely that I will.


    • One quarry per person. Breaking this rule will get you banned, no questions asked.
    • Do not put quarries over water. It makes things look nice, however it also causes lag, so please don't do it.
    • If your quarry overflows or otherwise causes lag, you will most likely be banned for it, so please make sure your quarries are fail safe.
    • ALL quarries MUST have overflow protection. The best way is to drop any items the quarry doesn't store into lava. You can build it into your sorting system if you have one, or directly from the quarry. As long as it prevents the quarry from dropping a million items on the ground and causing massive lag. Failing to abide by this rule will result in you losing your quarry on first offense, and a ban on the second offense.

    Chunk Loaders:

    • Please only use chunk loaders if you actually need to keep the chunk loaded (for quarries that are far from home, oil pumps, etc).
    • Please configure chunk loaders properly, so that they only load the chunks they actually need to load. This can be done by setting the radius of the chunk.

    Soul Shards:

    • All spawners MUST be disabled when not in use.
    • You may only have 4 spawners active at any given time.
    • Don't go overboard with these. I don't want to disable them, but I will if they become an issue.

    Security/Traps/Tesla Coils/MFFS/ETC:

    • You MUST have warning signs before anything that will kill a player. If the player was not made aware that they would get killed before it was too late, you are breaking this rule.
    • Traps are allowed ONLY in your own home. You may not create traps in dungeons, random places in the world, etc. If the chunk is not protected, I will consider this rule broken.
    • You may not trick players into getting killed by your security systems. IE: You cannot invite a player to your home, tell him you won't kill him, and then kill him with your security system.
    • If all of the rules have been followed (the player was properly warned and had the opportunity to back out, and they were killed on land claimed by you), any items the player drops are yours.
    • I allow the mods that can kill players to stay on the server, so that you can protect your home and prevent randoms from entering/roaming around your land/being derpy and annoying. Don't abuse this, or I will be forced to disable the items/blocks that kill other players.


    • Please be mindful of what you're doing and how it may effect everyone else on the server.
    • Only use timers when you must, they cause lag, and most times there is a machine or other block that can do what you want without a timer.
    • Please use redpower2 pneumatic tubes over buildcraft pipes when you can. Pneumatic tubes are far more stable than buildcraft pipes and have less lag producing traits. This doesn't mean you can't use buildcraft pipes, just that rp2 tubes are preferred.
    • No exploits. This means anything that may duplicate items, xray hacks/texture packs, fly mods, etc. Permanent ban on first offense.
    • Please avoid things like cobble generators. Your quarry is probably already producing enough lag and cobble for both of us to keep our mass fab fed with scrap.

    Server Plugins:

    • PowerTools/Chunk Protection (provides chunk protection and world limiting)
    • RecipeRemover (ability to disable recipes/items)
    • Ticks Per Second (shows the server's current tick rate with the /tps command)

    Disabled Items/Mods:

    • All parts of the Portal Gun mod except the portal gun and portal spawners.
    • Ender Storage (replaced by teleportpipes which is more balanced)
    • Extra Bees (cause op is bad)
    • Petro Gen (meh?)

    Mods to Disable (via launcher, you don't have to do this but it will get them out of your NEI, and prevent you crashing when you try to craft items from them):

    • EnderStorage
    • extrabees
    • PetroGen

    Server Specs:

    • CPU: Whatever the VPS gives me
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Network: 100Mbit connection

    Server IP:

    yeah look at the tv mod that the yogscast spotlighted, or thaumcraft, or portal mod

    The tv mod only plays videos. Thaumcraft contains no such cctv-like abilities, and portal mod is for portals, yes it displays a remote area but it's less than ideal.

    Well the intent wasn't really for it to watch shows and whatnot. The intent is sort of like a security camera, or so you could remotely monitor an area. A camera and tv, the tv displays what the camera is pointed at.

    I would like to see a CCTV in IC2 or as an addon to IC2 (really I'd be happy with it being available in general, but IC2 seems like a good place for it). There is a CCTV addon on the minecraft forums that is a perfect example of what I want. However it hasn't been updated since 1.1 I don't think.

    That can all be got around to be honest. The developer of forge could be contacted etc etc. How likely it is to happen I don't know. However I still think it's a good idea, which has only been denied twice as far as the compendium lists. One time Alblaka stated that it was entirely against the scheme of minecraft, however I disagree. It could easily be balanced by making it emit a lower level of light (lower than a torch). This would make it so that even though you have a portable light, it only lights up a few blocks around you. It would also be better balanced if the light source had to be the currently active item. This would make it so that switching to another tool (or weapon) would remove the light source. I still think it's a good idea, and if Alblaka doesn't want to add it into IC2, then perhaps another developer could make an IC2 addon to provide this functionality. I'm certain that I'm not the only person who likes this idea. To get an idea of what the general consensus is, I'll add a poll to this thread.

    It pretty much speaks for itself. A portable source of light would be an awesome addition to IC2, and it could run off EU. I think it should be quite costly (maybe include a diamond in the cost), given the benefits it would provide.

    I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug. Based on the damage information on the wiki I think it's a bug. The mining laser is able to break through reinforced stone when using scatter and long range modes. All other modes are unable to break through reinforced stone.